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Best Audiophile Headphones for Gaming

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As we know, audiophile headphones are also known as high- dedication headphones, high- perfection headphones, high- end headphonesetc. so we know exactly what to anticipate from this list of headphones. We’ve formerly done expansive exploration on the stylish audiophile headphones, but now we get into specifics by looking at the stylish audiophile headphones for gaming!
. Gamers are veritably particular about their gaming setups. One of the major rudiments of any gaming setup are the headphones. A classic gaming headset is impeccably fine but why cut yourselves short at that? Audiophile headphones can be a step-up for your game setups by reproducing more accurate audio for the gamers.

Originally, we need to understand what exactly are audiophile headphones and how are they different to normal gaming headphones. Gaming headphones or other headphones for that matter, have a specific audio profile, whereas an audiophile headphone has a neutral audio profile. These headphones are made with the intention to prize the exact sound as intended by the audio source. Thus, these headphones have excellent data reclamation capability.

So while using audiophile headphones for gaming, you can anticipate exceptional sound quality with utmost delicacy. They will especially help druggies in spotting adversaries when playing FPS games that bear excellent audio dedication for being good at them.

Here is the top 5 best audiophile headphones for gaming list given bellow: 

1. Audeze Mobius Premium 3D Gaming Headset

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  • Superior sound stage capability
  • Great head tracking
  • Both wired and Bluetooth connection
  • Veritably comfortable for nonstop gaming sessions
  • Compatible with PlayStation and Xbox
  • Excellent sound quality


  • Battery life could be better
  • USB connection demanded for5.1 and7.1 compass sound

To be regarded as the stylish overall stylish audiophile headphones for gaming, you really have to be special. The Audeze ( pronounced “ odyssey”) Mobius Premium is just that. This special gaming headset is an all rounder and we’d recommend druggies to get these headphones for a stunning gaming experience.

Design and Comfort
Originally, these over the observance, closed back headphones have planar glamorous motorists and thus have brilliant sound quality. The headphones have a veritably beautiful and luxurious design, coming in a matte black color with a tableware ascent. The Mobius Premium has memory froth observance mugs and a padding on the under side of the headband, to give you utmost comfort.

Microphone and Controls
The headphones come with a divisible noise canceling microphone. There are a number of anchorages and controls on the left observance mug of the Mobius. These include the harborage for the divisible microphone, colorful audio anchorages, a 3D audio button, microphone mute button, simple volume control buttons etc.
Sound Quality and Features
Secondly, on the sound front, the Mobius really stands out when it comes to compass sound. The headphones have a7.1 compass sound support enabled, when used with a PC over a USB connection.

Sorely, the Bluetooth connection doesn’t support this compass sound capability, thus being the one debit for these gaming headsets. The audio quality is extremely well balanced. The bass affair is punchy and the mids and highs are veritably affable and clear!

2. HyperX Cloud Orbit S-Gaming Headset

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  • Veritably comfortable for long use
  • Head shadowing with great delicacy
  • Divisible noise canceling microphone
  • Compatible with PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox
  • . High quality sound affair


  • Precious brace of wired headphones
  • No wireless connection available

As we bandied in our list of the top planar glamorous headphones, planar glamorous headphones have plant their footing with audiophiles these days. The names most frequently associated with planar glamorous headphones are Hifiman and Audeze but the brace of barrels that make it to our list of stylish planar glamorous gaming headphones for Audiophiles, is the HyperX Pall OrbitS.
Originally, the HyperX Pall Route S is one of the most comfortable headphones out there. These over the observance, closed back headphones have extremely comfortable froth padded observance pads and a froth padded headband. This makes these headphones suitable for extended use.

The fully figure of the headphones is plastic grounded rather than metallic grounded. But lets clear the air, this is n’t some low quality plastic but high grade plastic which looks the part as well. The matte black color adds just that redundant touch which pushes these headphones into the luxurious looking order.

Secondly, Orbit S comes with button controls on the left observance mug, making it more accessible for gaming. This includes a power button, an‘on/ off/ connected’ index LED, and a mic mute switch on the aft panel of the observance mug.

There’s a USB-C harborage on the underpart. It comes with a smash mic connector in the front (3.5 mm mic jack). Volume dials for the headphones and the smash mic are just behind the3.5 mm harborage. There’s a 3D audio button right next to the mic harborage as well.
Incipiently, the Orbit S is a planar glamorous brace of headphones. As we mentioned before, to hear the term‘Planar Glamorous’and to not hear Audeze or Hifiman in the same discussion is rare. We were right as this brace of headphones has been designed by HyperX in collaboration with Audeze. They’re fit with 100 mm planar glamorous motorists designed by Audeze. These motorists produce excellent sound with nearly no deformation.

The Orbit S uses Swells Nx 3D sound to produce an amazing7.1 compass sound terrain, grounded on the position of your head. It’s a brilliant point for those indulged in gaming. There are stir detectors present in the headset. When you turn your head, they spark and allow you to feel the audio source’s position with respect to your head placement.

3. SteelSeries Arctis 7

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  • Extremely beautiful looking headset
  • Both wired and wireless connections available
  • Compatible with PC and press
  • Mic is the stylish out of all gaming headphones – superior oral clarity
  • Excellent battery life – good for long gaming sessions


  • Audio delivery is slightly inconsistent
  • ar mugs are n’t veritably big so might be uncomfortable for people with big cognizance

Gamers choose to go for closed back headphones more than open back bones because they do n’t leak sound and have much better noise insulation. Closed back brace of headphones make a great choice for audiophile gaming headsets, and among them one of the stylish is the SteelSeries Arctis 7!
. Available in two classic colors, black or white, these headphones surely look the part. We tête-à-tête went for the white bones as black is kindly of a commonplace. The design is veritably ultramodern and would make a great sight for sore eyes. It would surely fit in with any gaming setup.

On the comfort front, further could have been done by SteelSeries for the Arctis 7. Although not exorbitantly uncomfortable, the fact that the observance mugs are lower than some other headphones is a debit. They can be painful for people having big cognizance, if wearing headphones extended ages. But, these well-padded Airweave observance pads don’t allow your cognizance to toast up which is a plus.
Also, there’s no froth padding on the headband of the headphones. Though, the headband is n’t that big an issue as there’s an elastic swatch that runs between the ends of the headband. This keeps the headband lifted above your crown thus nulling the need of a padded headband.
The microphone on this headset is regarded as on of the stylish in gaming. It has clear clear, plant quality voice clarity which is always a important ate point of any gaming headset. It also provides excellent background noise cancellation.

The mic extends from, and goes back into the left observance mug of the headset, via its end shaped like a capsule. It’s veritably flexible and can fluently be acclimated into the position you want it to be in.

The left earcup has a micro USB harborage used for charging, a personal harborage for wired use with the string that comes with the headset, and a3.5 mm harborage for using multiple headsets together. There’s a volume dial and microphone mute button on the side of the same observance mug. The power button and game/ voice blend dial button (which is extremely handy) are located on the right observance mug, also deposited as the volume dial on the leftism.
The Arctis 7 headphones have the most balanced sound quality, making them the perfect choice for audiophile headphones for gamers. The bass is n’t too enhanced which allows you to pick steps and other sounds veritably easily.
Also, the Arctis 7 has the option of giving druggies the experience of7.1 compass sound, although, only on PC. The overall compass sound is like any gaming headphones, sufficient.

One of the most sought after features that the Arctis 7 has is the game/ voice converse dial. This principally allows druggies to decide how important game sound they want and how important voice converse sound they want. So if you want to mute a teammate who just wo n’t let you concentrate, just turn the dial towards 100 game sound!
Incipiently, the battery life of the SteelSeries Arctis 7 is one of the reasons why people choose to go for them. The headphones can be wirelessly used for 24 hours on one full charge, making them just the right choice for the longest gaming sessions.

4. Logitech G PRO X Wireless Lightspeed Gaming Headset

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  • Superior comfort and well erected
  • Microphone performance is veritably good
  • Customizable sound and microphone using Logitech software
  • Both wired and wireless connectivity
  • Veritably low quiescence when using wirelessly
  • Compatible with PC and PS4
  • You have options to choose from for observance pads


  • No3.5 mm audio string jack

Wireless headphones are preferred over wired bones due to the fact that these headphones allow mobility and portability. Your movement isn’t confined by the cables. Among the headphones that we tested, the Logitech G Pro X Wireless was the stylish out of the wireless bones! These headphones have been constructed with the target of giving gamers the stylish wireless gaming experience. Let us look at it in detail.

The design is simple and elegant, enough much like a straight over wireless headset. The Logitech ensigns on either side of the matte black gaming headset, give it that redundant lift that it needs.
One of the effects that makes these headphones so much better is the capability to choose your own observance pads. Druggies can choose between ultraexpensive unresistant noise- canceling leatherette or soft and permeable velour which is further for your comfort.

The well-conditioned padded sword headband stays in place and is also veritably comfortable to wear. The Y shaped struts that connect the observance mugs to the headbands are sturdy and tough, but at the same time insure a light fit for added comfort to the druggies.
The Logitech G Pro X headphones come with a divisible smash mic, which can be replaced with your mic of choice. There’s a lot of adaptation and customization available for the microphone using the Logitech G Mecca software.

The three-band equalizer for the mic in tandem with the malleable processing features like a compressor,de-esser, expander/ gate, high-pass sludge, limiter and noise reduction, make the microphone amazing, overall.
The left observance mug is where all other controls and connectors are located. This includes a power button, a mic mute button, a volume dial and a USB-C harborage for charging the headphones. The headset does n’t have a3.5 mm harborage for wired use which is one of the downsides.

For wireless headphones, the quiescence is extremely low for the G Pro X Wireless which makes it that much more seductive. You need to use a USB transmitter to connect wirelessly. It’s necessary to be connected via this USB transmitter to witness the7.1 compass sound from Logitech G Pro X Wireless. The USB transmitter looks just like a pen drive and is used to connect wirelessly to your Ps or PlayStation.
The directional audio coming from the 50 mm audio motorists of these headphones didn’t fail. While playing Call of Duty Warzone, we could fluently pick out when there was someone above us on the staircase or right below us outside the structure. But, much like numerous audiophile headphones, the sound is n’t as bass rich as some would like.

Incipiently, the headphones have a battery life of 20 hours plus on a full charge and has an amazing connectivity range of over to 15m. Makes it a good choice for long gaming hours. Do n’t tell your parents we said that!

5. EPOS I Sennheiser GAME ONE

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  • Stylish budget audiophile headphones out of the bones we tested
  • Featherlight headphones
  • Flexible and malleable smash mic
  • Flat Frequence response helps with RPG and FPS games
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Multi platform headset


  • Headphones use a split TRS string, so druggies might need a splitter
  • . High audio leakage and noise insulation is n’t veritably good
  • No wireless connection

Not everyone would be comfortable spending$ 500 on gaming headphones. To add to it, stylish audiophile headphones for gaming would naturally be precious. But, we’ve plant just the right headphones for you, which won’t make your fund as light as others. It’s the EPOS I Sennheiser Game One. Sennheiser headphones, anyhow of their price always deliver quality, and the Game One headphones do just the same.
The Sennheiser Game One is a veritably comfortable brace of barrels. The plush velvet observance pads and the plush velvet padding on the headband ensures that you can use these headphones for long sessions. They’re designed to be featherlight but at the same time are kindly big and clumsy.

These are open back headphones, which some might like and others wo n’t. This makes it susceptible to sound leakage and a lack of noise insulation. But, it ensures that you witness extremely natural and spatial sound while gaming. This also ensures that the headphones don’t toast up your cognizance.
The robust flexible smash microphone arm can fluently acclimate according to preferred position. Also, the microphone design makes sure that it blocks out background noise. One of the downsides that we endured on this microphone was that it had the tendency to make you sound concave. Especially those druggies with a deep voice.

On the controls front, there is n’t important to go on. Being a wired headphones, there are n’t any power controls or other as similar. There are n’t any fresh features that might bear buttons or controls. There’s a volume dial on the face of the right observance mug for easy control of volume.
For budget headphones similar as the EPOS I Sennheiser Game One, the sound quality sure is top notch. The frequence response of the headphones is neutral which make them the perfect choice for games similar as Fortnite or Apex Legends, where you need to pick on the fewest audio information. High quality audio deliverance ensures that you don’t find any terms when playing your favorite games.

Some may say there’s minimum bass but that isn’t true. The bass response is just fine, it’s just not too enhanced for those looking for that redundant oomph. Incipiently, the open reverse headphones give you the experience of spatial sound, making them the right fit for gaming at home.

Are audiophile headphones good for gaming?

Audiophile headphones are a solid choice for gaming. These are headphones with extremely clear sound with great frequence range and audio dedication. They allow druggies to witness sound exactly as it’s intended.

This could be a veritably important factor for players, especially those who play games with utmost significance to soundViz. Playerunknown’s Battlefields, Fortnite, COD Warzone or Valorant. These are generally more precious than normal gaming headphones but surely justify their worth.

Are precious gaming headphones worth it?

Affordability is a major concern when it comes to headphones. Are precious headphones worth it? Surely. Important like any other product, the general belief is that the more precious particulars, more frequently than not, are more in quality. Precious headphones have a better figure quality and frequently come with better features similar as noise cancellation, sound staging, voice adjunct control etc.
So yes, precious gaming headphones are surely worth it. But, only to those that can go them. Cheaper headphones need not inescapably mean that they aren’t good. Just that precious headphones will always have some kind of an edge over further budget-friendly options.

Are examiner headphones good for gaming?

Examiner headphones, also called as plant headphones, can be a great option for gaming. Stylish plant headphones have a flat sound profile but have extremely accurate sound reduplication. This may or may not be appealing to gamers.

How you ask? Some gamers prefer to feel the deep bass when they witness an explosion in front of them! Imagine using a rocket launcher in front of you and not feeling the bass.

At the same time, more competitive players may seek headphones that reproduce more accurate sound than enhanced sound. Foreg., you don’t want to miss the steps of an adversary lurking right in front of you because the bass on the blast near you was too strong!

Final Words

After all of these descussion we can say that these are the best audiophile headphones for gaming as you can consider.

Some of the stylish audiophile headphones can make for great gaming headphones. We believe that Audio has made the utmost of this possibilities with their brilliant gaming headphones, the Mobius and the Penrose.
Still, it has to be the Audio Mobius Premium, If we had to pick one headset out of all the bones we listed. It has everything you look for in a top quality, high end gaming headset.

Also, we wouldn’t really recommend open back headphones unless you really enjoy the spatial sound experience.