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Best Claw Grip Gaming Mouse

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Different mice may suit you better depending on your hand size or the type of grip you use. A claw grip is commodity like a admixture of the win and fingertip grips. It’s frequently used for briskly gliding movement and is great for film shots as well. It offers better overall perfection than the win grip but is generally worse for smooth and slow shadowing. A claw grip can also be better for players who prefer using advanced CPI settings; it encourages snappier movements in lower bends using the wrist and fritters rather than the forearm and shoulder. Still, because it frequently relies on a tense hand posture, numerous gamers consider it more tiring than a win grip.

We have tested over 230 mice, and listed below are our recommendations for the stylish mice for clawgrip.However, check out our composition on ergonomics and grip types, If you are uncertain about what grip type might work stylish for you. For other recommendations, check out our picks for the stylish gaming mice, the stylish wireless gaming mice, and the stylish cheap gaming mice.

1. Razer DeathAdder V2

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The stylish claw grip gaming mouse with a wired connection that we have tested is the Razer DeathAdder V2. It feels well- erected and remarkably comfortable thanks to its right-handed design and rubber grips along the side. Claw grip druggies with medium to redundant large hands will have no problem using it.

Performance-wise, you can acclimate the CPI in supplements of 50 within a veritably wide range, and its click quiescence is astonishingly low. It has a low lift-off distance, so movements will not be fluently picked up by the detector as you budge it. Also, you can reprogram all of its buttons using the Razer Synapse 3 software, and you can assign a HyperShift button to enable a alternate subcaste of commands. You can also use the software to customize the two independent RGB zones, which are plant in the scroll wheel and the totem on the win rest.
Unfortunately, the Synapse 3 software is not compatible with macOS, but the mouse has onboard memory, meaning you can save your settings across bias. Also, it has a larger body, so druggies with small hands might struggle to reach the further forward buttons. With that said, it’s an excellent choice for suckers of claw grip.


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Still, take a look at the Razer Serpent, If you want a lower mouse to use with a claw grip. It does not glide as well as the Razer DeathAdder V2, and its CPI range is not as wide, but the Serpent is lower and lighter, making it a great choice for people with lower hands. This mouse has an ambidextrous design with two side buttons on each side and feels extremely comfortable and well- erected. It has veritably low click quiescence and a high outside polling rate, performing in a smooth and responsive gaming experience. Unfortunately, its string is a bit stiff and could produce drag on your office, though it’s still better than the one included with aged Razer mice.

Still, large, orextra-large hands and want a mouse with a wider CPI range, If you have medium.

3. Logitech G Pro Wireless

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The stylish claw grip mouse with a wireless connection that we have tested is the Logitech G Pro Wireless. This excellent- feeling option has an ambidextrous design with two buttons on either side of the mouse, and it feels comfortable for all hand sizes using a claw grip. You can use it wirelessly with its USB receiver or with the included string, and the click quiescence is excellently low with either option.

In terms of performance, you can precisely acclimate the CPI in supplements of 50 within a veritably wide range. The detector has veritably little variation, so it’s veritably harmonious whether you move your mouse snappily or sluggishly. Also, you can reprogram the four side buttons through the Logitech companion software, which is compatible with macOS, and you can also assign a G- Shift button to enable a alternate subcaste of commands.
Unfortunately, the included string is made of rubber, meaning it can beget drag across shells during use. The string has an agedmicro-USB connector rather than a USB-C connector, so it may be more delicate to replace. The mouse also does not support a Bluetooth connection. With that said, it’s an excellent wireless option for claw grip druggies.


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Still, take a look at the Razer Pro Click, If you ’re looking for a further protean mouse that’s great for a claw grip. It’s not as featherlight as the Logitech G Pro Wireless and is not compatible with macOS, but it supportsmulti-device pairing and is more suited for office use. It feels veritably comfortable thanks to its slight slant, rubber side grips, and thumb rest. Its scrolling wheel allows for tilting, which is perfect for scrolling horizontally through long documents. It has numerous connectivity options, and you can use it wired, with a USB receiver, or via Bluetooth. Still, its click quiescence is significantly lower with Bluetooth, which is not ideal for gaming, but it’s likely inconspicuous for other uses.

Still, get the Logitech, but if you are looking for a further protean option for your office as well as occasional gaming, If you want a wireless mouse for claw grip more suited for gaming.

5. Cooler Master MM720

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The Cooler Master MM720 is the stylish mouse for claw grip that we have tested in theultra-light order. It has a honeycomb body with two side buttons on the leftism and RGB lighting zones within its body and scroll wheel. It only weighs 54g without its string, making it one of the lightest mice we have tested. It has a right-handed shape with a pinky rest and nearly resembles one of Cooler Master’s aged models, the Cooler Master CM Storm Generate.

It’s shorter and wider than other recommendations on this list, but it’s veritably well- suited for a claw grip for utmost hand sizes. Bear in mind, not all claw grip druggies hold their mouse the same way, and this mouse is a great choice if you prefer using a variant of a claw grip with minimum or no win contact. Performance-wise, it has a wide CPI range, a CPI you can acclimate by supplements of 100, a veritably low lift-off distance, and remarkably low click quiescence.
Unfortunately, its honeycomb body squeaks and feels like it may crack if you press hard enough. While this should not present any problems during everyday use, numerous analogous mice feel sturdier. Also, the detector undershoots the set CPI during faster mouse movements, and the customization software is only compatible with Windows. Nonetheless, this is one of the stylish featherlight mice we have tested and should be a veritably comfortable choice for utmost claw grippers.

Our recommendations above are what we suppose are presently the stylish claw grip mice for utmost people. We factor in the price (a cheaper mouse wins over a dear one if the difference is not worth it), feedback from our callers, and vacuity (no mice that are delicate to find or nearly out of stock everyplace).

Still, then’s the list of all our reviews of mice, If you would like to do the work of choosing yourself. Be careful not to get too caught up in the details. While no mouse is perfect for every use, utmost mice are great enough to please nearly everyone, and the differences are frequently not conspicuous unless you really look for them.

These are the best claw grip gaming mouse you can consider.