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Best Corsair Gaming Mouse

Tjis content is made for those who are looking the best corsair gaming mouse.

Still, you ’ve likely formerly plant that there are a ton of options to choose between, If you ’re in the request for a new gaming mouse. There are a lot of different manufacturers who making gaming mice and not all of those manufacturers produce the same quality of mice.

One mouse manufacturer that has gained a good character for producing high quality products is Corsair. And, in this post, we ’re going to take a look at the stylish gaming mice Corsair has to offer. We ’ve made five top Corsair mouse selections from a variety of orders and pricepoints. So, if you ’re looking for a new gaming mouse and you ’re considering going with an option from Corsair, check out our recommendations below.

Here is the list of the best corsair gaming mouse: 

1. Corsair Nightsword RGB

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Corsair’s Nightsword RGB gaming mouse is our pick for the stylish Freebooter mouse. At just under$ 70, it’s one of the more precious wired mice on the request. Still, it comes with Corsair’s custom PixArt PMY3391 DPI optic detector (which gives you the capability to acclimate the DPI settings by 1 step supplements) and the capability to acclimate the weight of the mouse from as low as 119 grams to as high as 141 grams.
These two features will allow you to find veritably specific feels for your mouse perceptivity and movement, which will eventually give you better in- game control. The Nightsword is RGB-friendly (four- zone RGB lighting) and it’s a wired mouse. It also comes with 10 completely-programmable buttons, rubber grips, and Omron switches.

This mouse is a bit on the bigger side, however, so if you do n’t have bigger hands, you might want to look at some lower options.

Overall, however, the Nightsword is one of the stylish mouse options from Corsair and, if you do n’t mind spending
$ 70 to get a high- end gaming mouse, it’s an option you ’ll want to consider.

2. Corsair Scimitar Elite RGB

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For those of you that primarily play MMO games, or other games that profit from having a lot of macro keys available, the stylish option for you from Corsair will probably be the Scimitar Elite RGB.
With 17 different programmable buttons — including 12 buttons on the side of the mouse — and three customizable biographies, the Corsair Scimitar will allow you to take your MMO-gaming experience to the coming position.

The Scimitar is available in all black or black and unheroic, it comes with RGB lighting, and an DPI detector ( malleable by 1 DPI). It weighs a aggregate of 147 grams, making it the heaviest option on this list. Still, that’s to be anticipated from an MMO- style mouse with all of those redundant buttons added.

The nethermost line then, however, is that if you ’re looking for a high- end mouse that will give you a ton of redundant programmable buttons, the Scimitar isn’t just the stylish Freebooter option, it’s one of the better MMO mouse options presently on the request.

3. Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro

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Corsair has a sprinkle of solid wireless gaming mouse options, but their top wireless mouse is the Dark Core RGB Pro SE. The Dark Core has the same PixArt PAW3392 DPI detector that comes on the two mice listed over. The detector will allow you to acclimate your DPI in 1- step supplements, giving you incredibly precise control over your perceptivity situations.
The Dark Core also brings versatility to the way you connect it to your gaming computer. You can connect it via the ultra fast SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS technology, or through a Bluetooth connection, or you can go with a wired USB connection as well. So, if you do forget to charge it, you can always just switch to a wired connection.

You can also pair it with a Qi-compatible mouse pad (Corsair’s MM1000, for illustration) and noway have to worry about it staying charged again.

The Dark Core comes with 8 programmable buttons, RGB lighting, and weighs in at 142 grams.

Overall, in terms of the stylish wireless gaming mice on the request, the Dark Core RGB Pro SE is one of the top options presently available. So, if you ’re in the request for a high- end wireless gaming mouse, the Dark Core is one option you ’ll surely want to consider.

4. Corsair M65 RGB Elite

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For a bit more affordable of an option, Freebooter offers the M65 RGB nobility. The M65 is a truly solid option for competitive gamers as it comes with the same DPI optical sensor factory on the options listed over.
It also comes with a Sniper-specific button that will drop the DPI when clicking and holding. This will give competitive gamers ( mainly in first person shooters) the capability to play at advanced DPI settings innon-serious situation, and also snappily drop to a lower DPI setting in vital moments where delicacy is everything.

Like the Corsair Nightsword, the M65 also comes with a tunable weight system. You can adjust the weight of the M65 from as low as 97-grams to as high as 115-grams.

In the end, with a pricetag of under$ 50, the M65 brings a lot of high- end features to the table. So, if you like the Corsair Nightsword, but you do n’t inevitably want to spend up to get it, the M65 is a truly solid volition.

5. Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless

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Still, Corsair’s Harpoon mouse can be had for indeed lower than the M65 or the Dark Core, If you’re looking for an indeed more affordable wired or wireless option. It’s available as both a wired and wireless mouse.

The wired interpretation of the Harpoon will bring you just under
$ 25 and the wireless interpretation comes in at just under
$ 40
The Harpoon does n’t have the same DPI optic detector as the options listed over, but its DPI detector ( DPI for the wireless interpretation), should be good enough for utmost gamers. And, on the wired interpretation of the mouse, you do get the capability to acclimate your DPI in 1- step supplements.

Eventually, the Harpoon is n’t Corsair’s most extreme gaming mouse. Still, it’s a solid budget-friendly mouse for those of you who do n’t need a decoration product, but, rather, just a solid overall mouse, rather.

Corsair has a wide range of gaming mouse options available and, the right option for you’ll depend a lot on your own particular preferences and the quantum you have to spend. So, whether you ’re looking for a high- end wireless gaming mouse, amid-range option, or a sub-$ 30 mouse, Corsair has a product that will fit your requirements.

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