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Best Gaming Chair For PS4

Looking for the best console chair or best gaming chair for ps4/ PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, or Xbox? Look no further than our buying guide, where we’ve outlined a few right competitors vying for your cash, as well as how to make the best decision for your desired gaming setup. Furthermore, some of these chairs are presently on sale for the holiday season, so there’s never been a better time to buy.

The best console gaming chairs and gaming chairs for PS4, PS5, and Xbox are also a great addition for those who have recently upgraded to the next generation on PS5 or Xbox Series X – decking out your gaming setup with a comfortable, versatile cushion on wheels (or not, depending on your preferences) to make interactive entertainment that much more relaxing. So keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the best gaming chairs for PS4, PS5, and Xbox platforms, as well as other topics.

We’ve included everything from pedestals and bean bags to office-style chairs, and softweave fabric to faux-leather seats in our collection. There’s also something for everyone’s age group, so whether you’re buying for yourself or your kids, you’ll be well served.

As has been the case with so much gaming gear in recent months, some of these console gaming chairs go in and out of stock like crazy, so keep checking back with us to find the right one for you. However, fingers crossed that you’ll find something that’s ideal for you and your setup.

On the other hand, do you want something that will fit under the best gaming desks? Check out our guide to the best gaming chairs for more information.

Here ithe solution for the best gaming chair for ps4: 

1. X-Rocker Pro Series 


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The X-Rocker Pro series, widely regarded as the pinnacle of the pedestal console gaming chair range, is ideal for anyone looking for a gaming chair that has it all, whether it’s for the PS4 or Xbox One – or whatever – It’s also incredibly comfortable, and the imitation leather is finished in a nice black look.

The chair’s tri-motor vibration, which takes seat-bound immersion to a new level, is one of its biggest selling features, along with its 4.1 sound system, which includes a powerful woofer. The vibration is in rhythm with the bass tones from the woofer, creating a powerful full-body sensation that enhances the console gaming experience.

This is premium in every manner, including size – it’s a bit of a chugger, but it’ll serve you well because it’s sturdy and durable. Because of its size, it’s not one for hiding in the corner, but a plain black aesthetic helps to keep it ‘living room-friendly’ and not too flamboyant or extravagant.

If you’re looking for a high-quality pedestal console chair for your PS4 or Xbox, you can’t go wrong with the X-Rocker Pro series.


+Sturdy and reliable


+Audio and rumble are great characteristics



2. Secretlab Omega Softweave


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Even in an increasingly crowded industry, we believe that the Secretlab Omega Softweave is the best gaming chair in the office. It’s quite comfortable, made of high-quality materials, and will outlast a lot of gaming equipment. It’s a significant investment, but one that will more than cover the cost of admission.

The sumptuous smooth, soft fabric is wonderful, and the chair is made to be quite supportive – however you may still lean back and the chair will accommodate you. This is paired with a unique aluminum armrest system that allows the chair to be adjusted in nearly any direction. The Secretlab Omega Softweave achieves the ideal blend of comfort, easiness, and support as a result of these mechanics.


+Extremely supportive and comfortable

+Soft, textured fabric

+Sturdy and durable


– Softweave fabrics discolor easily.

3. i-eX Gaming Chair Bean Bag

 i-eX Gaming Chair Bean Bag

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Bean bags are frequently mentioned in discussions about console gaming chairs, both literally and figuratively, but this is one we can strongly suggest. The i-eX Gaming Chair Bean Bag is a wonderfully soft and squishy solution that’s great for individuals who don’t have access to a gaming desk. It has a high-backed bucket seat (which may be too low for some) that puts you at coffee-table height, and it holds its shape during motions and literally moulds to your every move, while yet supporting you if you lean forward or recline casually (and everything in between). Its appearance and design are as understated as beanbags come, but the gaming focus sets it apart from the pack of generic sacks. More significantly, it debunks the myth that bean bags are only for kids or that gaming-themed bags are cheesy.

Even with its slightly noticeable design and logo on the front, it’s ideal for console gaming in a social room like the living room or den because it blends in well as a general soft furnishing or different spot to sit. The i-eX doesn’t have any fancy features like cup holders or secret pockets, but it will keep you comfortable for hours in any position, has great back support (for something that is simply fluid in a bag), and looks really cool.


+Extremely comfortable

+Perfect for console gaming

+Perfect for the living room

+Genuinely supportive backrest


-You’ll still be a touch low

-Large diameter

4. Brazen Emperor


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With houses and even individual rooms being required to be more multi-purpose than ever before, having a console-specific chair is a fantastic idea. The Emperor Rocker from Brazen, which is also available as a pedestal, meets the bill.

The Emperor is comfortable, well-made, and sturdy enough to serve as a main console chair for adults or children, and the audio quality is good if you can plug it in. It’s a touch frustrating, as I mentioned in my Brazen Emperor review, that the chair isn’t fully wireless, especially as we enter a new console gaming generation. While the chair is durable and robust, it is not perfect for those of us who are taller – the neck and arms seem too low overall, which breaks the comfort occasionally, even when you may slouch to rest your elbows on the armrests.

However, if you’re looking for a solid console gaming rocker (or pedestal), Brazen and the Emperor is a great choice.


+Comfortable +Good audio

+Sturdy construction and design

+Nice finishing material


-It is not wireless

-It is a little short

5. Brazen Pride or Brazen Stag console chair


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This design covers both the Brazen Pride and the Brazen Stag because they are quite similar – you’ll notice both in the prices above – however the final design patterns are somewhat different.

The chairs have the nice party feature of providing’surround sound,’ but we found it easy to distinguish between the audio coming out of the left-right speakers up top and a larger speaker in the back.

However, you’ll be linked to your media because the chair requires a 3.5mm headphone jack or red/white phono connectors to function properly. While these chairs won’t produce the most premium sound, we loved the proximity of the stereo audio and punchy bass that is a wonderful benefit for something that is already a fine chair but made a little better and more unique by adding good audio.

However, a word of caution: the chair isn’t particularly tall, and most adults will have to fight the headrest, which will most certainly jab your back or shoulders. If you’re under or approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall, you might find it more comfortable, and it’s a great yell for kids and young teens.


+Built-in speakers

+Breathable fabric design +Variety of designs


-Most adults will find it too small.

 After reading about these chairs You can say these are the best gaming chair for ps4.

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