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Best Gaming Chair Under $150

You could be looking for one of the best gaming chairs under $150 for a variety of reasons.

Finding one of the best gaming chairs under $150 is a crucial step in making that your gaming room is both comfortable and fun — all while staying within your price.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re considering about making to a gamer-friendly seat after recognizing that trusty old Herman Miller Aeron office chair is more suited for, well, the office, or if you’re seeking to completely overhaul your gaming setup.

Whatever the case may be, you’ve probably discovered that a lot of low-cost chairs leave a lot to be desired, with their low price reflecting their inferior quality.

This is the guide for you if that’s the case. We’ve examined 6 of the best cheap gaming chairs below, each of which has all of the premium quality of a premium-end model without the high price tag.

Here is the best gaming chair under $150 geven bellow: 

1. GTRACING GT099 Gaming Chair

GTRACING GT099 Gaming Chair

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As you’ll see in our gaming chair buyer’s guide below, we prioritized comfort, size, and adaptability when choosing the best gaming chairs under $150.

All three of these categories were won by the GTRACING GT099 Gaming Chair.

In terms of comfort, the ergonomic design encourages excellent posture and helps to prevent stiffness and pain that might occur after a long gaming session.

In terms of flexibility, not only are the thick, plush arm pads changeable in three directions, but the backrest can also be reclined all the way to 170°, making it ideal for a quick sleep after a long day of Assassin’s Creed.

Finally, because of the big weight capacity and proportions, even larger gamers should have no trouble relaxing in what we consider to be the best gaming chair at this price point.


  • Long-lasting durability is ensured by a solid metal frame and supportive molded foam.
  • For convenient height adjustment, there are three gas lift cylinders.
  • A padded foam lumbar support and a headrest pillow are included.


  • It can take up to two hours to assemble.
  • In comparison to other chairs, there are less color options.

2. X Rocker Eclipse Floor Rocker


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The X Rocker brand has long been a favorite among the Office Chair Picks team’s console gamers.

Our top choice for the best PS4 gaming chair was the X Rocker SE 2.1, while our top choice for the best Xbox One gaming chair was the X Rocker Pro Series 3.

The X Rocker Eclipse Floor Rocker may be the one for you if you loved everything about both of those options except the price tag.

This floor-level chair, like both of those options, rocks and reclines to encourage active sitting while blazing through your favorite games.

It can also connect to your console of choice so that the music from your game plays through the four built-in Bluetooth speakers, creating a really immersive gaming experience.


  • It’s foldable, which makes it simple to stow when not in use.
  • For comfort and durability, soft foam with a PU leather finish is used.
  • Both children and adults will like it.


  • When compared to other chairs, it has a lower weight capability.
  • There is only one color choice.

3. OFM ESS Collection ESS-3085 Version 2

OFM ESS Collection ESS-3085 Version 2

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The most prominent feature of the OFM ESS Collection ESS-3085 Version 2 is its uber-cool design, which makes it a terrific choice for a high-quality gaming chair on a budget.

While it comes in a variety of two-tone color options, we prefer the bold, all-back style for a dynamic look in any gaming space.

Of all, appearances aren’t everything, and the ESS-3085 has plenty to offer in terms of comfort, durability, and adjustability.

The 5.5-inch thick seat provides the ideal balance of softness and support, while seat height adjustment, recline, tilt-tension control, and flip-up adjustable armrests provide all the versatility you’ll need to set this up the way you want it.


  • It has a lumbar and headrest support that is both comfy and integrated.
  • Superior comfort is provided by the extra-thick seat cushion.


  • Armrests can only be adjusted in one direction.
  • The assembly instructions have been reported to be confusing by some users.

4. Flash Furniture X20

Flash Furniture X20

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The Flash Furniture X20 Gaming Chair is praised for having some of the most advanced adjustable features of any gaming chair on the market.

Of course, the fact that it’s a nice-looking chair helps. The X20 is one of the best black and red gaming chairs available in this price range, and it would look equally good next to your gaming desk or in your home office.

Regardless of how you choose to utilize it, you’ll fall in love with the modifications.

The broad back reclines from 87 to 145 degrees, the seat height, armrests, and even the lumbar support pillow can all be changed, and if you pay a little more, you can even have a footrest for more support.


  • This one is built to last because to its exceptionally strong base.
  • It has a built-in headphone holder and a cup holder.
  • The design of the waterfall’s edge enhances the experience.


  • Seat is not as well cushioned as other models.
  • When moving around, some users report that the chair creaks and generates a lot of noise, which can be annoying.

5. Vitesse Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Vitesse Ergonomic Gaming Chair

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The Vitesse Ergonomic Gaming Chair may be the way to go if you enjoy the support and health advantages of a good ergonomic office chair but want something a little more dynamic for your gaming experience.

The human-centric design is built to help you keep healthy posture while eliminating pain and pressure during long gaming marathons, making it an excellent choice if you don’t want your Wasteland 3 session to harm your health.


  • Superior gas lift mechanism allows for simple seat height adjustment.
  • The backrest adjusts from 90 to 180 degrees of recline.
  • A one-year warranty is included, as well as free replacement components if they are needed.


  • Seat padding is limited, which is a disadvantage.
  • Wheels that are inflexible and difficult to move are possible.

6. Hbada Racing Style Gaming Chair

Hbada Racing Style Gaming Chair

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If you read our review of the Hbada Computer Desk Office Chair, you’ll notice that we complimented it for its posture-supporting ergonomic design that keeps your spine in perfect alignment no matter how long you sit.

The Hbada Racing Style Gaming Chair takes on that with a bold gamer-friendly design and high-density breathable foam for extra comfort. it has all of the categories to be the best gaming chair under $150

This means that whether you’re hacking your way through a spreadsheet in the office or cutting your way through the Shadowlands in World of Warcraft, Hbada’s affordable chair line offers something for you.


  • Simple to assemble
  • For long-term use, a sturdy metal base is used.
  • Backrest reclines to a 155° angle.


  • Costs more than other models.
  • Users over 6ft in height may find it uncomfortable.

So, you’ve seen our picks for the top ten gaming chairs under $150 currently available on the market.

If you’ve been reading our in-depth chair reviews, you could have already picked on one of those ten as the best option for you.

Don’t worry if you don’t:

Help is on the way for get the best gaming chair under $150

Below, we’ve highlighted the key factors we looked when choosing the best gaming chair under $150, as well as how each one may influence your final decision.

Design Ergonomic:

Nothing counts more than comfort, whether you’re selecting a budget gamer chair for your home or a top-of-the-line office chair like the Steelcase Leap.

After all, this chair may be your home for several hours at a time, so the last thing you want is an option that will leave you stiff, aching, and exhausted.

As a result, the ergonomic design was the most significant feature we looked. Chairs designed with ergonomics in mind guarantee that your spine is properly aligned, which can help to reduce lower back pain and pressure.

We also gave the waterfall-edge seats a thumbs up. This is a design characteristic in which the seat edge slopes downwards to relieve strain on the back of the legs. As a result, your blood flow and circulation will increase, which will help you avoid feeling weary.

Capacity in terms of size and weight:

The entire comfort level of your new gamer chair is influenced by more than just ergonomic design.

Size does, in fact, matter when it comes to your gaming experience.

Consider this:

A chair that is too small for your frame will feel cramped and unpleasant, while a chair that is too big for smaller players will be just as inconvenient, leaving you with no way to get comfortable.

As a result, we’ve provided the proportions with each of our gaming chair reviews so you can figure out which one is right for you.

Weight capacity, on the other hand, makes a difference in terms of durability and support.

The bulk of our top 10 picks had a weight capacity of either 275 lbs or 300 lbs, making them suitable for most users’ weight. Only one of our options had a lower weight limit of 250 lbs, and one (the LUCKWIND Reclining Gaming Chair) went all the way up to 330 lbs, making it the best choice for bigger users.


Consider that comfort is the foundation of the first three criteria discussed in this buyer’s guide if you want to understand how big it is while choosing a gaming chair.

Indeed, we didn’t choose chairs with adjustable features like reclining backrests, 2- and 3-directional armrests, and height adjustments just because they’re enjoyable to have.

It’s because they’re necessary for a truly relaxing encounter. Naturally, the more you can customize your chair to your specific preferences, the more comfortable it will be.

However, it isn’t just the quantity of adjustable features that a chair has that matters. You should also think about the adjustment range.

Chair B may be the preferable option if Chair A has six adjustable features and Chair B only has four but gives a considerably greater degree of backrest recline.

Features Not Included
Backrests, padded seats, and armrests are all features that each excellent chair should have.

Then there are those that aren’t absolutely necessary but could make the difference between two models.

If Chair A and Chair B appear to be of equal quality and price, but Chair A has a footrest, detachable headrest pillow, or even a vibrating massage option, it might just help you make your decision.

Overall you can say these chairs are the best gaming chair under $150 So choose one and order now.

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