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Best Gaming Headset Without Mic

Are you looking for the best gaming headset without mic then no need to anywhere. We have made this content about it.

Anyone who’s anyone in the gaming world knows that you need the stylish headphones to be suitable to completely immerse yourself in the gaming experience, whether you ’re firing opponents or exploring a new open world.

Once you ’ve had the honor of using a great brace of headphones during a gaming session, you ’ll noway turn back. You ’ve got the stylish gaming press, you ’ve got the stylish gaming examiner.
All you need now is the stylish gaming headphones without a mic, and we ’re then to help. We ’re going to upgrade your hunt indeed more by showing you the stylish gaming headphones without a microphone as if you do n’t need or want to speak to anyone, why should you have a massive, cumbrous microphone getting in your way?
Rather of having to balance sound, similar as too tinny or bass-y, the stylish gaming headphones help bring the sound in the game to life. Not only will it sound better but the headset will bring depth with sound staging and compass sound.
Some gaming headphones also feed to gamers with applicable aesthetics similar as lighting and by making the observance rests as comfortable as possible so you can keep gaming for hours. Below is a list of our favorite gaming headphones without the big, annoying microphone rubbing up against your chin.

Gamers need a great set of gaming headphones, which is why our Stylish Gaming Headphones Without Microphone fave has to be the Beyerdynamic DT 700 PRO model.
They ’re made of big, break-resistant accoutrements that wo n’t weigh your head down.
The sound quality is good and straight to the point.
These headphones have better depth and range than utmost virtual7.1 compass sound models.

1. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO

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Beyerdynamic has designed their DT 770 PROs with a combination of sound insulation, great soundstage for a closed back design, good quality comfort, continuity and audio quality which is hard to beat in gaming headphones with no mic.

The strong, thick plastic and essence structure and the velour earpads all make for a heavy and high- quality brace of headphones. These headphones have better depth and range than utmost high end, virtual7.1 compass sound gaming headsets.
Great positional delicacy comes in handy in competitive play when you want to know your adversaries position by harkening for audio cues. You ’ll be the most envied gamer due to your secret armament – these headphones.

This model is hard- wearing, durable, robust thanks to the quality accoutrements and includes an innovative bass kickback system. The three- cadence string only connects to one side for convenience and so you do n’t lose your game thanks to being tangled in a cargo of line.
The headband is also super comfortable due to the rugged and soft construction which is also malleable.

2. Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR

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Immerse yourself in every detail of your game with these Fidelio X2HR headphones, which are optimized to deliver accurate and clear sounds from any format, so they can be used to deliver crisp, refined sound for anything, not just gaming.

Each speaker is culled, tuned and tested, with the 50 mm motorists exercising the high power neodymium attractions to reproduce the sound’s dynamics. The open- reverse design eliminates air pressure figure-up behind the motorist, enhancing the sound translucency and smoothening high frequentness.
The figure quality is top league and they ’re made with lots of essence and high- quality plastic, icing they ’ll last for times.

The earshells cock at 15 degrees to fit to your cognizance natural shape and not let any of the sound escape or any unwanted background noise in. The tone-malleable hammock includes an airy 3D mesh, which is both permeable and flexible, icing a perfect fit to your head.
The memory froth cocoons on the observance- pads insure maximum comfort and breathability while also helping to dissipate pressure and heat so you can use them for dragged ages of time.

Indeed though they ’re not specifically designed for game playing, these headphones are hard to beat in our list of the stylish gaming headphones.

3. OneOdio Over Ear Headphone

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One Odio Headphones are made for you to enjoy a superior, clear sound in maximum comfort. The large 50 mm observance mugs combined with the neodymium attractions produce a important bass, clear lyrics and crisp high notes for perfect high- frequence sound, meaning you wo n’t miss a beat whilst playing your game.

The high- quality cocoons are specifically designed for examiner headphones to produce a comfortable experience whilst keeping the noise insulated.
They also wheel 90 degrees for single- observance monitoring that delivers a simple way of harkening through only one observance when you ca n’t shut yourself off from the world fully.

The headband is malleable so you can find your asked preference.
The Shareport technology means that you can connect multiple headphones to one device without splitters, so everyone can enjoy the audio at formerly. One Odio Headphones are collapsible – perfect for travelling or compact cases.

One Odio’s result for an appendage-free life means they ’ve created a cord suitable to be stretched up to three measures.

4. Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X Audiophile

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Audio-Technica has created their ATH-AD700X headphones with a slice- edge finagled design with robust construction.

The 53 mm motorists produce clear and crisp sounds and completely cover your observance for full absorption. The open- air design offers no sense of pressure on the cognizance, performing in a slightly-there feel so you can keep playing for hours, whether it’s the stylish pc gaming headset or else, this product hits a home run.
The featherlight aluminium honeycomb covering gives excellent aural parcels. Attached to theover-head hammock are 3D sect supports which you can acclimate to give optimal comfort and a total observance- fit.

The flexible raised fabric observance- pads offer excellent wearing comfort and continuity.
The depth and range of the soundstage are unmatched by any headphones, and the position of detail they give is a huge advantage. You ’ll be suitable to hear indeed the lowest noise, like a raspberry flying above, or the faintest of steps of that zombie coming to attack you from before.

It ’ll be like having preternatural hail.
These well- made headphones are made of plastic and they feel like the most comfortable headphones ever.

5. Best wireless gaming headset – HyperX Cloud MIX

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HyperX has designed its gaming headset to be either wired or wireless, depending on your mood. You can detach the string and enjoy up to 20 hours of freedom with Bluetooth ready bias.

These Hi-Res Audio Certified headphones coil out rich audio with a frequence range of 10Hz to 40Hz, enabling you to hear the depth and details and get truly immersed in your gaming experience.
The soft, pliable leatherette and thick memory froth pairing make Pall Blend comfortable, indeed during that gaming marathon you so desperately need.

The tough aluminium frame is erected to stand up to the adversities of diurnal life, or in other words, you throwing them at the wall for the hundredth time in frustration.
Using the included line you can use these headphones with any device with3.5 mm anchorages, making them incredibly protean for avaricious gamers. Actually, you ’ll get a microphone with this model, but it’s fluently divisible and there’s no obligation to use it.

You ’ll also get a high- quality carry bag, making this a quality package that’s hard to eclipse.


Maybe not the first study that springs to mind when you ’re considering which gaming headphones to buy, but comfort isn’t a detail to be overlooked. Your new headphones will take you across vacated comeuppance, through grim master battles, and around zombie- overran wisdom labs.
We all know these can take hours to complete, which is why comfort is crucial. You ’ll want to immerse yourself in your game without being detracted by pinched cognizance, pressure headaches or a confined neck.

You ’ll need to consider both the observance mug sizes and the weight of the models and whether you ’ll be happy with wearing these for dragged ages of time. The stylish gaming headphones will feel like you ’re not indeed wearing a brace. Luckily, utmost ultramodern models are designed with this in mind and are nicely comfortable considering the price range.

Sound Quality

Headphones are used for audio. It’s their main job, after all, so naturally sound quality is the most important consideration when buying any audio gear. But what qualifies as‘ good quality’? Some people prefer brain-rattling, heavy bass motorists, whereas others prefer a more balanced experience.

You can get models that allow you to manipulate the sound to your taste at an redundant price.

There are three important factors when probing the stylish sound from gaming headphones, the first being immersiveaudio.However, headphones with enhanced low- end frequentness tend to work more, If you ’re looking for a competitive gaming headset and are trying to forget the outside world whilst playing.

Secondly comes clarity and perceptivity. Low background hindrance and low hiss are effects to consider but the overall feeling of sound being accurate and identifiable could give you an edge over your opponents, as if you can hear their steps you can find them first and win the game.

Space and positioning is the last but not least factor to consider. Being suitable to identify the direction of the sounds is crucial in certain games. Knowing which direction your opponent is coming from and how far down they ’re likely to be can be crucial to your success in competitive games.

The sound quality is dependent on particular preference, which types of games you ’ll be playing and how important you need to depend on them during gameplay. Choose a model which is going to enhance your individual experience the most and help you kill those baddies!


There’s nothing further disappointing than buying a new piece of gaming gear, staying for it to arrive and also realizing it’s not compatible with your gaming system. This is no different for headphones, and you do n’t want to be buying multiple different headsets for all your different consoles.

Ultramodern models frequently come with a universal3.5 mm string which is supported by all platforms (PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox), but they do n’t support virtual compass sound without specific software. USB is another popular support which works with PCs, Mackintoshes and some consoles, but make sure you check your collection first.

Wireless gaming headsets generally come with an appendage that you can connect with a string. Make sure you check out what’s going to work with your consoles before spending any plutocrat.


This is dependent on your budget and how important you ’re willing to spend on gaminggear.However, ask yourself what’s most important to you and what you ’re set to immolate, If your budget is on the lower side of the diapason.

Price is frequently affected by the character of the manufacturer, so make sure you ’re paying attention to the company and their once reviews, as well as their client service and return programs.

Still, you ’ll have to calculate on the bond and quick client service, If you make the vault and buy a model from a lower- known company and the brace break within a month. If price is the most important point to you also insure you choose a largely rated model made by a estimable manufacturer to insure peace of mind.

After all this discussion we can think these are the best gaming headset without mic