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Best Gaming Mouse for Minecraft

If you need some of the best gaming mouse for minecraft then this content may help you.

While you’re just starting to discover the world of Minecraft, you can use a traditional mouse with 2 buttons and a scroll while if it feels accessible to holds and move. The game does n’t put strict norms on what mouse you need to buy, because there’s limited reliance on buttons and customizable macros.

Unlike FPS and MMO games, this bone does n’t bearultra-fast responses because of its further relaxed pace. Anyway, if you want to demonstrate your excellence playing Minecraft, make sure to get a dependable mouse from the compendium presented below.

1. Logitech G502

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DPI 16000| Interface Wireless/ USB| Buttons 11| Ergonomic Right- handed
⊕ Veritably fast wireless model
⊕ Idol 16K detector
⊕ Lightsync RGB technology
⊕ Compatible with PowerPlay
⊕ Malleable weight
⊖ Too small for large hands
This Minecraft mouse boasts numerous handy features, customizable weight andultra-fast wireless performance. The body accommodates 11 programmable buttons and has an intertwined Idol detector with over to 16000 DPI that ensures accurate shadowing. You’re sure to enjoy high responsiveness and 1ms wireless connectivity.

When you first snare a mouse, you may be overwhelmed with its large weight. Still, you can customize it by removing any of 6 weights and get a well- balanced manipulator for your particular gaming style.
The Logitech G502 has malleable RGB lighting for the DPI index and the brand totem on the shell. The most charming point is that you can connect this mouse to the PowerPlay charging mat and enjoy continued gaming sessions.

2. Corsair M65 Elite

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DPI 18000| Interface Wired/ USB| Buttons 8| Ergonomic Right- handed
⊕ Long- lasting aluminum case
⊕ Optic detector
⊕ Top- notch weight adaptation medium
⊕ Robust Omron switches
⊕ Precision gun button
⊖ Stiff cord
You can choose this gaming mouse for Minecraft if you’re looking for commodity durable and customizable. The Corsair M65 Elite is known for a long-and-narrow construction, which makes it an ideal option for righties using a claw grip type.

It also features 2- zone RGB lighting and 8 customizable buttons. The lower side is aluminum with 5 glide pads and 3 removable weights.
It makes trackingsuper-accurate and allows for full perceptivity customization. 2 buttons on the upper side make choosing the suitable DPI veritably readily, so you can snappily hop from 100 to DPI value. The accessibly-located gun button helps reduce perceptivity in pivotal moments.

3. G-Wolves Hati 3360

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DPI 12000| Interface Wired/ USB| Buttons 6| Ergonomic Right-handed
⊕ Weights next to nothing
⊕ Honeycomb shell
⊕ Matte finishing
⊕ PixArt PMW3360 gaming detector
⊕ Paracord string
⊖ Lacks RGB lighting
The G- Wolves can be called the stylish mouse for Minecraft in the group of featherlight models. It has a honeycomb shell, which is promised to endure the most violent gaming sessions.

The mouse both aesthetics and feels like a well- erected product. It’s made of durable plastic and has virtually no flex.
The mouse comes with a DPI PixArt PMW3360 optic detector, which eliminates possible jitter, spinning out or acceleration. There’s a DPI switcher below the scroll wheel, so you can fluently toggle between 7 available DPI settings.

Thanks to the tackle software, you can take advantage of a broad range of customization features similar as double-click speed, scrolling speed and the lift-off distance.

4. SteelSeries Rival 710

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DPI 12000| Interface Wired/ USB| Buttons 7| Ergonomic Right- handed
⊕ TrueMove3 optic detector
⊕ Malleable OLED display
⊕ Modular ID
⊕ Enhanced split detector switches
⊕ Two- zone RGB lighting
⊖ High price
The SteelSeries Rival 710 is a decent gaming mouse, which combined the top- position performance with amazing customization capabilities.

The mouse has the personal TrueMove3 optic detector grounded on PixArt, which provides amazing delicacy and true 11 shadowing. The left side of the body is enthralled by the OLED display, using which you can instantly pierce the perceptivity settings, in- game statistics, button mapping, Disharmony announcements, and substantiated GIFs.
This gaming mouse for Minecraft has 2 RGB lighting pieces – a totem at the bottom and the scroll wheel. Still, the most useful point is that you can disassemble the construction and replace some ingredients with indispensable rudiments.

5. HyperX Pulsefire Raid

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DPI 16000| Interface Wired/ USB| Buttons 11| Ergonomic Right- handed
⊕ Ergonomic shape
⊕ Top- notch PixArt 3389 detector
⊕ Split- button design
⊕ 2 RGB lighting rudiments
⊕ Bendable pleated cord
⊖ Not really durable
The HyperX Pulsefire Raid is a good investment offering gamers 11 programmable buttons and further commands directly at their fingertips. The mouse has an ergonomic design and featherlight body, which is ideal for side grips.

This Minecraft gaming mouse comes with a PixArt 3389 detector that adds perfection and delicacy to all your movements and shadowing.
There’s a special button below the scroll wheel meant for opting the most suitable DPI. The model has malleable RGB lighting, allowing gamers to alter the colors, pattern and goods with the help of the devoted operation that should be downloaded independently.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Mouse for Minecraft?


There’s a noway- ending debate about optic and ray detectors. Gamers tend to favor mice with a ray detector because it eliminates possible jittering and trip. Ray detectors are unstoppable onnon-traditional shells like glass but they suffer from inaccurate shadowing. Therefore, if you dream of getting the stylish mouse for Minecraft, you ’d more choose the one equipped with a ray detector.

Dots per Inch (DPI)

DPI defines how much a cursor will move per inch on the screen while you’re moving a mouse. Thus, if you play on a large screen, make sure to get a mouse with a advanced DPI value, which hypothecated briskly tracking.

Still, too high DPI can gesture that a mouse is intolerable sensitive. The stylish way is to get a mouse with malleable DPI, so you can pick the right one grounded on the gameplay situation.

Grip Style

There are 3 common grip styles – fingertip, claw and win. Define yours before buying a Minecraft mouse unless you want to get a tool that’s inconvenient to hold.


Strangely enough, but not all gamers really understand the significance of this criterion. Actually, the weight of a mouse greatly influences the project of your device, so if you generally move it a lot across the face, you need commodity not so heavy. Fortunately, utmost manufacturers of PC peripherals produce products with malleable weight and it makes sense to buy such a model.


Choosing between wired and wireless mice has come indeed more complicated because the ultimate are now on par with their direct rivals. Ultramodern line-free models boast bettered response times, so you wo n’t feel any input pause. Still, the thing that’s kept unchanged is a big gap in prices between the two. Wireless gaming mice are more precious.

After reading this content we hope you are clear about the best gaming mouse for minecraft.