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Best Headphones for PC Gaming No Mic

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Still, that does n’t define what a gaming headphone should do. What we wanted to see was whether the headphones could drive gaming sounds well. That means the capability to affair balanced or flat audio, so commodity like a plant examiner or headphones with flat tuning would work OK.

What type of headphone you use for gaming is a particular choice, some gamers swear by gaming earbuds and others use over observance headphones. It all comes down to particular choice and preference. If getting some quality gaming speakers interests you we do a great composition on those also.
Some gamers like to have a lot of bass in their headphones to pick up further of the explosions and lower- end rumbles, and that’s forfeiture. But we looked for clean audio affair that could represent all the frequentness well.

We wanted to see if compass sound was present or if the headphones had a good soundstage. Again, this is to see if they could pick up all the subtle details that go into a gaming audio- elude, and if positional audio would be available, especially for FPS games. The more detailed the separation in the audio, the better it’s so voices and goods are easily audible.
The coming factor is comfort. You can go for an open- reverse gaming headphone or closed-back gaming headphone design. The open- reverse will let your cognizance breathe further but the unrestricted- reverse gives better noise insulation. Either way, are they comfortable headphones for extended hours of gaming? Are they good for music and pictures, piecemeal from gaming? And what types of connections did they have?
Overall we plant the Philips Fidelio X2HR to be one of the stylish gaming headphones without a mic. Equipped with memory froth earpads and solid construction, these headphones can handle high quality audio formats in a comfortable manner.
Still, so you can see how important price variation is possible, If the Fidelio X2HR isn’t right for you we showcase a range of headphones that fall within the$ 30 –$ 200 limit.

Here is the top 5 best headphones for pc gaming no mic list given bellow : 

1. Philips Fidelio X2HR

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Philips isn’t typically a name you would associate with gaming. But in the hunt for headphones without mics that could be used for gaming, we came across these phenomenal Fidelio X2HR.

✔️ What we like Inconceivable sound stage with indeed better audio quality
❌ What we do n’t like Nothing that sticks out

The Philips Fidelio X2HR is Hi-Res audio certified, meaning they can handle some veritably high- quality audio formats. But we digress. Gaming audio isn’t generally audiophile quality. Still, headphones that can reflect their designed soundstage well is a plus, and it’s then that the X2HR shines.
The X2HR is open- reverse, which means it formerly comes with a natural, airy soundstage. Plug in your game, and you ’ll find your cognizance picking up subtle sounds from your game that you ’d noway heard before. The directional audio is precise. Steps grassing on floorboards, the rush of running water from a sluice. Detailed separation. That’s what the X2HR does.

The bass is unexpectedly important and tight. Trebles are clean and crisp. There’s warmth and vibrance to the music and sounds generated by the X2HR, with beautiful balance.
What’s indeed nicer is that the impedance is only 30 ohms, which means your PS4 can drive them at highvolume.However, you ’ll be suitable to witness their true eventuality, though it’s not necessary to get good audio, If you put them through a good soundcard or amp.

The X2HR not only sounds great, but they also look great and feel great. The memory froth earpads have a snug, velour finish. The only minor grouch would be the weight. Some druggies may find them getting a little heavy after long-wear. But with the open reverse design, your cognizance, at least, will be suitable to breathe much further.
The overall construction is solid, they should survive several drops or accidental sit-ons. The connection is via a3.5 mm draw, with a6.35 mm appendage, and there’s a nice string clip supplied to keep the long string organized.

It’s delicate to complain about the Fidelio X2HR. With all the check-boxes ticked, they could be your go-to for a price label that’s under$ 150.

2. Sennheiser HD280PRO

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The Sennheiser HD280PRO is retailed as professional monitoring headphones. We ’re looking at where the neutral sounds from these headphones can profit a gaming operation.

✔️ What we like Extended soundstage on a unrestricted- reverse design
❌ What we do n’t like Thick curled string adds weight

The Sennheiser HD280PRO has a unrestricted- reverse, collapsible design with rotatable earcups that gives it some quantum of portability. Connectivity is via a3.5 mm draw with a6.35 mm appendage for bigger headphone jacks.
The construction of these headphones is solid, with leatherette earpads designed for comfort, and function to insulate external sounds. The thick curled string does add some weight and as it’s on one side, it might produce a small quantum of imbalanced sensation after long wear.

On the other hand, the earpads, headband, and audio cord all interchangeable, so you ’ll be suitable to extend the life of these headphones. Note that the cord is interchangeable, not divisible. Meaning you ’ll still need to use a soldering iron at some point.
Designed for plant monitoring, the HD280PRO produces a neutral, transparent audio quality. This is good for gaming and pictures because sounds will be affair the way the game contrivers meant them to. We like the extended, natural soundstage. The sounds do n’t feel like they ’re coming from inside the headphones, but from around you. And this makes it a little different than the mimetic feeling you tend to get with unrestricted- reverse headphones.

Still, you ’re going to be dissatisfied by the bass in these, If you ’re a bass addict. It’s not that there’s none, but it’s softer, less emphasized. Still, a good EQ will still be suitable to remedy that if you want a further bassy smash.
Still, let the motorists burn-in to get optimized sound affair, If you do decide to get theHD280PRO.

Overall, these are good headphones that can handle a wide range of operations. With a bass that’s a little soft, but excellent sound separation, the Sennheiser HD280PRO is a headphone that could cover your gaming, music, and covering requirements.

3. Edifier H840

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Edifier is a name that has a fairly strong presence in Asia and Europe, producing some fine audio peripherals. The H840 falls in their budget range of headphones and there’s a reason they’re relatively popular.

✔️ What we like Great sound with a budget price
❌ What we do n’t like Thin lines that can break fluently

You could suppose of the Edifier H840 as entry- position examiner headphones. The 40 mm motorists produce enough audio affair that has a fine, balanced quality across the frequentness. The stereo sound is warm with just a slight bias towards bass. But this isn’t enough to rattle the cognizance and still retains that balanced soundstage.
So how does this work for gaming? Neutral sound affair is generally a good option for gaming, just like for pictures, because games have so numerous sound sources, from voices to ambient sound goods, to the theme music. As for H840, they work impeccably fine for gaming. These do n’t support compass sound but the stereo imaging is relatively good. You wo n’t be getting great positional audio, but if you ’re running an adventure or RPG game, these will work just fine.

The unresistant noise insulation is veritably good. External sounds still blunder in, but not enough to be disruptive, so you’ll be suitable to get some absorption in your gaming.
The Edifier H840 comes in featherlight form factor, soft leather earcups, and a flexible, leather headband which should allow for hours of comfortable wear. The connect to the audio source via a3.5 mm draw. The only complaint we’ve is the kindly thin cords that are feasible to break fluently. Do n’t let any pet that likes to bite cords near them.

With simple, good aesthetics, several color options, and earcups that wheel flat for storehouse, the Edifier H840 is a great budget option for anyone looking to spend lower than$ 50.

4. Audio-Technica ATH-AD500x

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Audio-Technica is one of those brand names that sits as fluently in the budget, as in the high- end headphone corner. The ATH-AD500X is one of the lower headphones in their ATH- Announcement open-aft series.

✔️ What we like Excellent positional delicacy with good audio separation
❌ What we do n’t like Wing design of the headset may not suit everyone

Like utmost regular headphones without mics, the ATH-AD500X is n’t retailed as gaming headphones. So if you ’re on a hunt for your coming FPS go-to headset, you might overlook these open- reverse barrels.
Audio-Technica has several headphones in their ATH series. This is one of the lower bones, with a narrower frequence response range. The ATH-AD500X can push 5Hz – 25kHz, while its bigger sisters can go up to 40kHz.

But this, in no way, makes it a featherlight in terms of sound quality. The ATH-AD500X produces some fine, neutral sound with a wide soundstage that’s airy and extensive. The bass wo n’t impress a basshead, but it’s well- balanced with the demitasse clear trebles. This allows it to pick up all those subtle in- game details that you might else miss.
As for positional delicacy? Did we mention the wide soundstage? You ’ll be getting some detailed directional audio, great for FPS, adventures and RPGs likewise. The stylish part is the feeling that those sounds come from beyond the headphones, which gives them a gusto of literalism.

The ATH-AD500X is wonderfully featherlight, thanks to the open design. The earcups are outfitted with an aluminum caff across the opening and your cognizance will be happy for being suitable to breathe further. We ’d like to note that some druggies have plant the odd‘ bodies’on the headpiece uncomfortable, but numerous do n’t indeed notice it. So, that’s a particular preference.
With large 53 mm motorists, an airy soundstage, and a pleasing price label, the ATH-AD500X could veritably well be your coming headphone for those immersive gaming sessions. Just wear them in a quieter terrain, because they are n’t meant to insulate anything.

5. Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone

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The Sennheiser RS 175 wireless headphone comes with a devoted wireless transmitter. Let’s have a near look at what differently it features.

✔️ What we like Accessible wireless with great sound
❌ What we do n’t like Kindly steep price label

Whenever you look for wireless gaming headphones or headsets, you should always keep an eye out for the terms “ RF wireless”. This will generally mean the headphones come with a devoted transmitter that ensures your wireless headphones gests zero pause. This also translates to audio and videotape that are rightly synced when you ’re off tracking enemies on a dark, stormy evening – in- game that is.
Some devoted wireless headphones connect via a USB dongle. But not the Sennheiser RS 175. The RS 175 comes with a devoted standing transmitter that doubles as a charging stage for the headphones. The transmitter also connects to an audio source via a digital optic string or analog3.5 mm draw. It’s easy to toggle between the two – just by the press of a button.

Utmost of the primary controls are on the headphone, which makes it veritably readily to manage. Power, volume, compass, or bass mode. Compass sound comes in Hi or Lo, and bass mode boosts the bass response. You could also just hear to everything in stereo.
The sound quality is excellent. Flat and neutral, it provides a detailed affair that will image whatever your audio source intended. Hook them up to your PC or PS4 for some great compass gaming experience. There wo n’t be any pause because of the RF transmission. Noise insulation is enough good too, being that these are unrestricted- reverse headphones.

The RS 175 is enough featherlight and comfortable to wear for an extended period. Some druggies have reflected that they can feel a bit tight, but that’s going to depend on head size, and everyone is different.
The Sennheiser RS 175 is a nice wireless headphone with good sound, good aesthetics, and comfort. The only strike is the slightly steep price label which sits just under$ 200.

These are the best headphones for pc gaming no mic you can consider after all discussion.