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Best Lightweight Gaming Mouse

Need the best lightweight gaming mouse? then Here is the solution.

There is a new type of gaming mouse on the request theultra-light. These featherlight mice use honeycomb designs and other measures to cut mass wherever possible, making for a more manoeuvrable mouse that is easier to aim. Following the first releases by specialists like Noble and Finalmouse, numerous bigger brands have now madeultra-light mice of their own with new sizes, shapes and features. Some of these mice indeed abstain the holey look, with internal variations to bring weight down and an complete external shell. After expansive testing of everyultra-light mouse in FPS games like Valorant and CSGO, we are ready to make our recommendations. Then are the twelve stylishultra-light.

Here the list of the best lightweight gaming mouse:

1. Glorious Model O


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67 grams • PMW 3360 detector • ambidextrous honeycomb design • 128x66x37mm • RGB

The Noble Model O remains our pick for the stylish gaming mouse on the request, thanks to a clever design that combines a range of ultramodern trends a weight- saving honeycomb design, an extremely flexible”shoelace” string, a ultramodern PMW 3360 optic detector and RGB lighting. It also ranks largely as it’s an extremely affordableultra-light, going around£ 45 in the UK and$ 50 in the US. That is for the matte coating in black or white; a lustrous fleece is available for a small decoration. The Model O is an excellentultra-light for gamers with medium to large hands. The Model O is also available in a lower size as the Model O-, a great choice for lower hands or those looking for indeed lower weights (58g for the Minus versus 67g for the vanilla Model O).

2. Cooler Master MM710


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52 grams • PMW 3389 detector • ambidextrous honeycomb design • 116x64x38mm • no RGB

The MM710 is another strong option, with a unique stocky design and the lightest weight on a extensively available mouse-the Finalmouse Ultralight 2 is lighter, but was only on trade for a limited time. The altitudinous hump at the reverse of the MM710 makes it a clever choice for claw grip players, fitting naturally into the bottom of the win to give redundant comfort and control that is not possible with a flatter mouse. The MM710 does not include RGB lighting of any kind, a rare choice in 2021 that does allow for small savings in weight and cost. The short but wide confines make this a great selection for gamers with nearly any hand size.
The MM711 is a slightly heavier and more precious interpretation of the MM710 that adds RGB lighting and is available in multiple colours and coatings. We plant it offered the same excellent performance as the MM710, with the redundant 10 grams bringing it closer in weight to otherultra-lightoptions.However, the MM711 is a decoration mouse worth considering, If RGB lighting is essential.

3. Razer Viper Ultimate

Razer Viper Ultimate

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74 grams • Razer Focus detector • traditional ambidextrous design • 127x66x38mm • RGB

The Razer Serpent Ultimate is a unexpectedly light wireless mouse, given its long 70 hour battery life andnon-ventilated design with RGB lighting. The mouse uses optic mouse switches, preliminarily used in Razer’s opto-mechanical keyboards, removing the need for ade-bounce detention and thus speeding over clicks by a many milliseconds. The Focus detector is also interesting, promising bettered responsiveness through syncing the detector’s reporting to the computer’s polling rate. Before all of this technobabble however, there is a veritably performant gaming mouse with a comfortable shape and top detector, coming in at price only exceeded by that of the new Logitech G Pro X Superlight. There is also a gorgeous Cyberpunk 2077 edition ( pictured over), that barters out the regular model’s black and green styling for a lovely unheroic-at a£ 10 decoration, I’d say it’s well worth it if you like your mice to really stand out!
.There’s also a wired interpretation, the standard Serpent, which costs significantly lower and weighs in at an indeed lighter 69g. This wired model is also available as the Serpent 8K, which reduces response time by whacking the USB polling rate from 1000Hz to 8000Hz.

4. Logitech G Pro X Superlight

Logitech G Pro X Superlight

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63 grams • Idol 25K detector • traditional ambidextrous design • 125x64x40mm • no RGB

Logitech demurred off the trend for wirelessultra-light mice with the release of the 80 gram G Pro Wireless, combining an effective optic detector with a small, safe shape and a fast-as-wired connection. The G Pro X Superlight Wireless is a farther elaboration of the same conception, with the same core factors but a kerb weight of only 63 grams. To achieve that, Logitech has cut out features like portable side buttons and RGB lighting, leaving only the bare rudiments- including the solid, well- constructed sense of the original mouse. The design is a triumph, no mistrustfulness, with the only cover in the ointment being the$ 150/£ 150 asking price. There are clearly better value wireless mice on the request, including the original G Pro Wireless, but in terms of out-and-out performance the Superlight absolutely delivers. We have ranked it just behind the Razer Serpent Ultimate, another high- end wireless ultralight mouse, due to the Razer’s lower asking price, but either one could be a great choice depending on your preferences for shape, detector and software.

5. Glorious Model O Wireless

Glorious Model O Wireless

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69 grams • BAMF detector • ambidextrous honeycomb design • 128x66x37mm • RGB

The Model O Wireless is another strong option. It’s significantly dearer than the vanilla model, at near to£ 80/$ 80, but that untethered feeling might be worth the decoration. I plant it performed extremely well in my testing, with the ambidextrous shape and extremely low weight of 69 grams contributing to comfortable in- game performance. Still, quiescence was veritably slightly advanced than some larger brands like Logitech and Corsair and if you use a high DPI setting you may notice some slight’ angle snapping’, with mouse movements appearing straighter than they should. Hopefully, this can be fixed in a future software or firmware update, but it was not conspicuous for me outside of specific testing for this issue.
Battery life is only average with RGB engaged- developing a low- quiescence, high- effectiveness detector to allow this is commodity only a sprinkle of companies have really achieved-but Noble have decided for USB-C recharging so that is at least accessible to eclipse it up when demanded. With RGB impaired, the mouse does manage around 70 hours of use according to Noble. The Model O Wireless is doubtless a top- leagueultra-light, and one of the three stylish wirelessultra-lights alongside the fabulous Logitech G Pro Wireless and the Razer Serpent Ultimate.

You can choose one of them as the best lightweight gaming mouse.

How to measure hand size for a gaming mouse

Your hand size will determine how comfortable a given mouse is to use. Utmostultra-light mice will be impeccably usable for the vast maturity of hand sizes, but if you have particularly large or small hands also concluding for a matching mouse may offer the stylish results. To find your hand size, keep your fritters together and measure from the tip of your longest cutlet to your wrist.

Small hands Lower than 170 mm (6.7″)
Medium hands Between 170 and 195 mm (6.7″-7.7″)
Large hands Further than 195 mm (7.7″)
You can also measure your hand’s range from the bottom of your hand, across your knuckles and past your thumb. You can compare these two hand measures, length and range, with a mouse that you are considering. A mouse that’s about 60 per cent in both confines should be suitable for your hand size.

For illustration, my hand size is 200 mm x 100 mm, so I tête-à-tête look for mice that are around 120 mm x 60 mm. Different grip styles can also impact your ideal mouse size; claw and fingertip grips will hang around the 60 per cent mark, while win grips are flatter and thus mice that are closer to 70 per cent of your hand size will feel more comfortable.