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Best Open Back Gaming Headset

Are you looking for the best open back gaming headset? The stylish open- reverse headphones for gaming below clearly won’t fail!
Back open headphones are a good choice for gamers. It’s a headphone that provides a commodious soundstage with numerous outstanding features. As a result, you’ll have a great audio experience when playing games.

Numerous people are still relatively confused and don’t know which open- reverse headphones to choose. This composition will compare the superior features of the stylish open- reverse headphones for gaming.

Do n’t miss our composition if you’re looking for a good headphone model to have an pleasurable experience in- game sound. Let’s dive into the composition!

Our top experts have tested, rated, and compared the stylish products. Then are detailed reviews of the stylish open- reverse headphones for gaming in.

Here is the top 5  best open back gaming headset list given bellow : 

1. Samson Technologies SR850

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Important Specifications

  • Brand Samson
  • Black
  • Connection wired
  • Weight1.05 pounds
  • Product’s highlights

The Samson SR850 is the stylish overall headphone for the perfect price. For only about 50 bucks, you can get yourself a great gaming headset right down.

Samson SR850 features a personal 50 mm neodymium motorist, which can deliver high frequence and good bass responses. As a result, you ’ll find a sound that’s sharper, clearer, and more realistic than ever.
The combination of largely sensitive motorists and neodymium attractions enables the headphones to deliver excellent sound quality and a comprehensive frequence response from 10Hz to 30kHz. As a result, the sound through the Samson SR850 is veritably realistic and more transparent.

The Samson SR850 has the same design as the high- end reference headphones. With its solid construction and inconceivable continuity, the Samson SR850 can clearly meet colorful requirements, from gaming to harkening to music in the music plant.
This Samson headphone also has asemi-open design. It’s an outstanding advantage that veritably many other headphones on the request have.

This design helps you limit significant observance pain if you use headphones for numerous hours. Samson SR850 also supports soft velcro observance mugs cocoons. It fits utmost people’s cognizance, so it does n’t feel too tight or too loose.
The Samson SR850 impresses druggies thanks to itsultra-light structure with tone- conforming earpads and headbands. The plush velcro observance cocoons aren’t only aesthetically pleasing but also give comfort.

You can wear headphones for hours on end without feeling headache or earache. You’ll have an pleasurable gaming experience without getting tired.

2. EPOS Sennheiser GAME ONE

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Important Specifications

  • Brand EPOS Gaming
  • Black
  • Connection wired
  • Weight1.38 pounds
  • Product’s highlights

Unlike the other headphones on our list, the Epos Sennheiser isn’t at sound quality. The company has chosen to invest in bringing the most comfortable product to gamers.

EPOS Gaming uses a featherlight frame to make a brace of headphones to reduce the burden on the stoner’s head. It comes with an large pad that allows you to use the headset for a long time without fear of headaches.
Of course, EPOS Gaming does n’t just stop trying to make you feel comfortable; it has also made significant advancements to perfect the sound. By espousing Sennheiser’s notorious motorist, Epos provides good quality and realistic sound.

Besides, we appreciate the accessible design of Epos Sennheiser. Its microphone has a unrestricted headphone-suchlike design. As a result, the microphone of Epos Sennheiser can cancel noise. It can indeed block your gratuitous breathing.
Customizing the microphone is also veritablysimple.However, simply raise the microphone to the position of the back open headband, If you want to mute the sound.

Epos Sennheiser also impresses thanks to its outstanding continuity. The integrated string section is of veritably durable pleated fabric.
Still, this headphone has a single disadvantage point in the jack. It’s not a erected-in jack but separates the microphone and audio quality.

So if you want to get ready to experiment with a new gaming splitter, check to see if the device supports both audio and microphone affair. Else, you’ll have trouble playing the game.

3. Beyerdynamic 459038 PRO

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Important Specifications

  • Brand Beyerdynamic
  • Grey
  • connection wired
  • Weight 808 ounces
  • Product’s highlights

Beyerdynamic is the perfect complement for gamers with high audio quality conditions. This template perfects the complex sounds of your favorite games.

Beyerdynamic has a unique design with an open- reverse circle. It creates an airy space to help the sound have detailed depth.
So whether the sound is complex or straightforward with jarring like treble, Beyerdynamic has commodity to offer.

This design is also unique in that the shutter texture allows you to acclimate the size to suit your need. In other words, there’s nothing Beyerdynamic ca n’t handle.
The entire body of Beyerdynamic headphones is of high- quality polymers with good bruise resistance.

Not only is the design simple to use, but the Beyerdynamic is also astonishingly durable. As a result, you can use the product regularly for a long time.
And yet, Beyerdynamic is also largely protean. You can use it to connect other audio bias in your home. In other words, Beyerdynamic is the ultimate result compatible with numerous audio sources.

4. Audio Technica AD700X

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Important Specifications

  • Brand Audio-Technica
  • Black
  • Connection Line
  • Weight 1 pound
  • Product’s highlights

Inheriting technology from other audio speakers of the same brand, the manufacturer also equips 3D Wing technology in the Audio Technica AD700X headphones. Supporting this technology helps the AD700X give a comfortable and snug fit.

But Audio-Technica doesn’t stop there, and it wants to bring the most transparent and most realistic sound to druggies. The 3D Wing technology brace combined with the Open Air design is able of creating a spatial soundstage.
You’ll feel the difference snappily in story- grounded games. In this game kidney, dialogue is an integral part of the game. So you won’t have a great experience if you skip them.

The motorist is an important part that affects the excellent audio quality. Audio-Technica has equipped the AD700X interpretation with a significant 53 mm motorist, which is enormous for apparent frequence range reduplication and response.
Although it has a CCAW voice coil to give the print of low- frequence tones, it isn’t enough.

In other words, this Audio-Technica doesn’t impress in the bass department. So you won’t have the ideal experience with games with too important bass.
Still, the ATH – AD700X handles the mids and highs veritably well, thereby furnishing the most transparent and realistic sound.

In terms of surface design, the ATH – AD700X features a notorious honeycomb moldered gasket cover. To help players feel comfortable when using it, Audio-Technica has designed an open observance mugs structure.
Still, due to the significant motorist, you’ll find these headphones relatively heavy. It’s a considerable weakness of these headphones.

The ATH – AD700X has a accessible divisible audio string, and Audio-Technica makes a single-sided string to limit befuddlements. Included with it’s a ¼” screw appendage able of connecting multiple platforms.

5. Philips Fidelio X2HR

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Important Specifications

  • Brand NEEGO
  • black
  • Connection wired
  • Weight2.1 pounds
  • Product’s highlights

Philips is a notorious brand with further than 50 times of experience in the field of headphone audio. On the request, this is one of the leading brands in acoustics.

A typical Philips headphone model for gamers is the Fidelio. It features an iconic hand design that combines a clear, detailed sound diapason. All produce an excellent overall sound that’s delicate for any open- reverse headphones to do.
When using Philips Fidelio X2HR, you’ll have a perfect audio experience because the structure of this headphone is open- reverse.

And yet, it also comes with especially designed binary- subcaste observance mugs covers. Thanks to that, you’ll comfortably witness and use it for a long time.
The manufacturer has designedly created a simple design but still ensures fineness and accompanying functions.

The Fidelio X2HR uses a binary essence tube as the headset frame. This tube has a genuine leather swatch that’s astonishingly durable. So you can use it with complete peace of mind without fussing about unseasonable wear and gash.
Philips has added a superior 50 mm motorist that can accommodate utmost headphone frequentness. The integration of a significant motorist has handed players with an astonishingly accurate and realistic audio experience.

Besides, headphones also install layering in the motorist. Thanks to themulti-layer polymer diaphragm for better sound conversion effectiveness. At the same time, Fidelio X2HR also delivers clear bass, clear highs to every detail.

When choosing to buy headphones for gaming, you should formerly have an idea of what you want. Still, some people forget some important factors.

Then are five characteristics that you need to consider to choose the stylish open- reverse headphones.
You should consider these things before you go for the best open back gaming headset.

Choose posterior headphones

In fact, you can use other types of headphones for gaming, but we suppose you should still choose open- reverse headphones.

These headphones bring a perfect soundstage effect. As a result, gamers can comfortably enjoy the experience of numerous different sound goods.

Not only that, but you can also use back headphones for gaming to hear to music or play music. In order to have that inflexibility, manufacturers have applied accoutrements suitable for both playing games and playing music.

While unrestricted- reverse headphones frequently use reproduction leather, it creates a sound sealing subcaste around the observance. So open- reverse headphones will bring a more comfortable feeling.

We ca n’t deny that this sealing is excellent for gaming because it minimizes the game sound coming out. Still, if you use them for a long time, your cognizance will have some problems because of the nonstop loud sound.

So with an open- reverse design that allows sound to escape, back headphones for gaming won’t fit tightly to the observance. So you can use them for a long time.

In general, for these two types of headphones, you can choose grounded on your requirements. Open-back headphones are fabulous, but they ’re not the perfect choice in all situations.

For illustration, if you play games in a quiet room, choose open- reverse headphones. Not only can you use it for a long time, but it also allows some outside sounds to get in. It’s salutary in case you play a game and want to make sure you can still hear your parents calling.

Unrestricted gaming headsets are suitable for use in noisy surroundings. It prevents the game sound from escaping while also not allowing background noise to get in. Therefore, making the audio neutral will give a better gaming experience.

Sound quality

Clearly, when looking for gaming headphones, you’ll need to consider their sound quality because the sound when wearing open-aft gaming headphones affects your gaming experience.

Open-back headphones give relatively natural sound thanks to their unique design. Still, moment most headphones are bettered and offer several different options.

In this regard, you need to consider the condition of your gaming space. For illustration, the type of casing material has a significant effect on thesound.However, you’ll notice a more precise and more realistic sound, If it’s a high- quality material.

Of course, those are just objective factors. Because the gaming headphones themselves also affect the sound.

For illustration, the style, size all characteristics of the headset affect the overall sound. So you should consider making the stylish choice.

To choose the stylish for yourself, we recommend you try them out. The key to working the problem has always been to try to reach the gaming headphones directly.

Before deciding to buy and make a sale, suggest that the supplier try the headset for a many twinkles to play the game. Through a many twinkles of use, you can more directly assess the overall quality of the headphones.

Noise resistance

As mentioned, the choice of gaming headphones that can block outside noise depends on druggies’needs.

Still, for some open- reverse headphones, the background noise cancellation point is inferior. Although the sound quality is good, it causes a large quantum of sound to come in.

Poor noise cancellation means you’ll snappily hear outside sounds. It dramatically affects your gaming experience. So it’s stylish to look for open- reverse headphones with good noise cancellation.

And because open- reverse headphones aren’t suitable for noisy surroundings like unrestricted headphones, we shouldn’t overrate their noise resistance.

In other words, for a perfect gaming experience, you should use open- reverse headphones in a quiet, unrestricted room. And over all, close the door to limit the outside sound coming in.


DV is an essential element for open- reverse gaming headphones. So you need to precisely consider its quality and features to make sure the gameplay process has no problems.

Our recommendation is open- reverse headphones with Glamorous Motorists, and similar gaming headsets have a stable affair and low deformation.

They deliver clear, precise, natural sound and have the flash response demanded for deep bass sound.

Also, open headphone models with dynamic motorists are enough cheap. A long headphone coil with a plastic diaphragm is what they have.

Inside, the headphone will be set up on a attraction. We plant that this model of gaming headset performed veritably well at low volumes. But if you coil it up to a advanced volume, the sound is veritably malformed.

The size of the Motorists also affects the performance of the headphones, more or less. More specifically, it affects the frequence at which the sound is played.

It’s stylish not to choose headphones with Motorists lower than 40 mm. That way, your gaming headphones will work with dependable performance.


Another important criterion that you need to keep in mind when choosing headphones for gaming is comfort. Comfortable headphones that do n’t put pressure on your cognizance help you enjoy hours of great gaming.

For open- reverse headphones, you can aim for some design features in hunt of comfort. We recommend choosing headphones that come with a headband. Presently, manufacturers apply numerous different bumper accoutrements.
To learn about the features of some popular accoutrements or witness them in person to test the comfort position. Since it’s a particular preference, we do n’t have any recommendations. As long as the headphone headband has padding, it’s forfeiture.

For comfortable gaming, look for featherlight and pervious gaming headphones. Either, the overall size of the headphone also needs to be considered.

Some druggies suppose it’s possible to fix too small headphones by belting the line around the head. Still, this result is only temporary, and if used for a long time, you’ll have headaches and earaches.

In addition, you may witness sweaty cognizance, hot cognizance if used for a long time.

You spend a long time fused to the screen, and using gaming headphones for a long time is the cause. So whether you ’re a newbie to the game or a pro, choose headphones with an airy design.

From there, there’s space for the observance to relax without having to take it off again and again. These great designs help you to reduce distractions for a complete gaming experience.


We ’ve put together a series of constantly asked questions below and answered them to make it easy for you to gain more applicable knowledge.

Can I use the stylish open- reverse headphones for gaming to hear to music?

You can completely look for open- reverse headphones that are both suitable for playing games and harkening to music. For illustration, the Sennheiser HD 599 model in our list is the right headphone model in both cases.

There are also numerous other models because the open- reverse design allows the space and soundstage of the gaming headphones to be suitable for harkening to music. Still, it suffers from a limitation that’s low noise resistance. So the product isn’t practical if you hear in a noisy terrain.

Do I need to buy a headset with a microphone?

Buying open- reverse headphones with a microphone will depend on each person’s particular preference. But now, numerous games have a voice converse point.

It’s part of the in- game experience, so it’s stylish to buy headphones with a microphone. Buying headphones with erected-in microphones saves you further plutocrat than buying gaming headphones and microphones independently.

Should I buy wireless posterior headphones?

To insure the quality of the audio connection, we don’t recommend buying a wireless gaming headset for gaming.

Wireless gaming headphones respond more sluggishly than wired headphones. Although wired headphones give you a lot further inflexibility when using them.

You only need to connect within range and no befuddlements. Still, the connection line is challenging to insure endless stability. A poor connection will affect your gameplay.

What’s the stylish length of string for the stylish open- reverse headphones for gaming?

The ideal string length for gamers is1.2 m – 2m. It allows you to move freely without tangled cords when playing games.


Above are our share of the stylish open- reverse headphones for gaming. We hope the composition will help you find the right option for your requirements. Thank you for reading!

After all these discussion we can say that these are the best open back gaming headset you can buy.