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Best Pink Gaming Mouse

Looking for the best pink gaming mouse? We have the best solution for the best pink gaming mouse as you want.

Computer mice generally come in black, argentine and blue colors. That’s why you may suppose that chancing a pink gaming mouse is an insolvable task.

It’s indeed a rare occasion but we’ve managed to pick out 7 swish mice to save you from looking through multitudinous runners and spending hours deciding which model to conclude for (which is especially applicable for women).
All these pink gaming mice boast awful ergonomics and robust gaming capabilities.
Not necessarily men take interest in playing video games. Nowadays, there are many women who are involved in gaming at a professional level and who show off impressive gaming skills that some men can only dream of.

Female gamers, especially girls, wish to express their style even when it comes to the choice of PC accessories and may seek stylish pink gaming mouse.


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DPI 3200| Interface Wired/ USB| Buttons 5| Ergonomic Right-handed
⊕ Simple plugging in
⊕ 3360 detector
⊕ Ergonomic design
⊕ Regulated USB report rate
⊕ 125/500/1000 Hz
⊖ Only for right- hand use
⊖ Precious
BenQ ZOWIE is one of the stylish pink mice for gaming purposes. Its ergonomic design is impeccably suitable for right- hand use, furnishing plenitude of space for moving the wrist.

On the outside, the model sports a soft pink lustrous finish. BenQ ZOWIE integrates a 3360 detector along with a regulated report rate of 125/ 500/ 1000Hz for varying degrees of responsiveness.
With this mouse, you’ll be suitable to stay on top of the game while playing.

The overall design of ZOWIE is enough minimalistic and does n’t offer similar frills as RGB lights – just two fresh buttons and simplisticbranding.However, you’ll love this model, If you are n’t a addict of super lavish designs.

2. ASUS ROG Gladius II

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DPI 12000| Interface Wired/ USB| Buttons 5| Ergonomic Right-handed
⊕ Remarkable design
⊕ Capability to replace switches
⊕ 12000 dpi detector
⊕ For FPS game kidney
⊖ Precious
ASUS ROG Gladius II is a pink mouse with the optimization to FPS game kidney and the switch relief capability. The ultimate enables druggies to pick switches with the necessary pressing force collectively.
A button for fast switching of perceptivity will also come in handy. The model’s detector boasts a 12000 dpi resolution.

Other significant specifications are the speed of over to6.3 m/ s, acceleration of over to 50g, and USB polling rate of 1000Hz.
In terms of design, ROG Gladius II offers individual buttons, rubberized sidewalls, as well as full- color vibrant backlight with Aura Sync synchronization technology. Either, it’s possible to dissociate the model’s string while being on the move.

On the whole, ASUS ROG Gladius II is the stylish pink gaming mouse for those who are after an extraordinary device.

3. Razer Basilisk

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DPI 16000| Interface Wired/ USB| Buttons 8| Ergonomic Right- handed
⊕ The most over-to- date optic detector
⊕ Scroll wheel with regulated resistance
⊕ Key may be removed in order to acclimate the perceptivity
⊖ Ergonomic design
⊖ Precious
The body of this pink Razer mouse resembles a boat with slight asymmetry, featuring a thumb rest. The panels of the primary buttons are located independently from the body and have moderate pressure.
Thanks to the presence of a devoted key, it’s possible to incontinently modify the resolution of the detector for a while, as well as incontinently modify the perceptivity for extremely quick turns and enhanced aiming perfection.

Razer Basilisk is also a perfect pink model for the FPS gaming suckers due to the most over-to- date optic detector, a scroll wheel with the capability to regulate resistance and the preliminarily mentioned divisible key.
In addition, Basilisk will serve as a decent analog to Razer Lancehead TE or Razer DeathAdder Elite.

4. Cougar Surpassion

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DPI 7200| Interface Bluetooth/ Wireless/ USB/ Wired| Buttons 6| Ergonomic Right-handed
⊕ Up-to- date optic detector
⊕ Both wireless and wired options
⊕ Up to 20 hours of continued gaming
⊖ TV display
⊖ Precious
Among the significant characteristics of this pink wireless mouse are the response time of 1ms, and the long battery life of 20 hours that guarantees continued gaming and lets the stoner connect the mouse through USB.
Either, the model is notable for an TV display with designated buttons. It enables druggies to regulate DPI (from 50 to 7200, in 50 DPI way), lift-off distance, angle snapping, polling rate, as well as battery position.

To add a peculiar atmosphere to the game, take advantage of 13 backlight modes.

5. G-Wolves Skoll Ace

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DPI 12000| Interface Wired/ USB| Buttons 7| Ergonomic Right- handed
⊕ Featherlight gaming RGB model
⊕ Accessible ergonomic shape
⊕ Pleasurable RGB
⊖ Overpriced
⊖ Not everyone will be satisfied with the matte finish
⊖ Buttons ca n’t boast of decent responsiveness
G- Wolves Skoll Ace is the stylish pink gaming mouse due to the ergonomic honeycomb shell design, the light weight of 66g, and an respectable matte finish.

The model integrates an ideal detector 3360 that makes any movement of the hand on the office as precise as possible, particularly, during playing games.
The PMW3360 optic detector may be regulated between 200 and DPI and acclimated on the base of 100DPI supplements.

A DPI button enables switching between varying degrees of perceptivity. The only debit of this model is its high price of$ 100 that not everyone is willing to invest in a mouse.

The optic game detector is a parameter the determines the perfection of the mouse, so you clearly need to consider it.

Besides, check the scroll wheel, the number of buttons and their functions along with divisible keys for regulating perceptivity.
Another decision to make is between wired or wireless connectivity. The currently’ request presents decent wireless gaming models that are able of working for over to 50 hours without interruptions.

These are the best pink gaming mouse you can consider.

Note: All mouse are customizable in color.