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Best Small Gaming Mouse

Need The best small gaming mouse then check our content. Here you can know about them, choose which you want and order directly.

There are a ton of gaming mice available now, and there’s noway been a better time to be looking for one. But if you have lower hands, it can be a pain to wade through every mouse on Amazon just to find the stylish gaming mouse for small hands. Well, that’s where we come by.

We ’ve done the work for you and created a list of our seven favorite small gaming mice. From a wireless classic to an ultralight FPS-lover’s dream, our list probably has a mouse for you. Let’s get to it.


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Weight 99 grams (3.4 oz)
Confines (L x W x H)4.59 x2.45 x1.50 elevation
Detector Logitech HERO
DPI Range 200-
.Polling Rate Hz
. Buttons Six
Shape Symmetrical
The Logitech G305 has long been our dereliction each- purpose mouse recommendation. Its personal “ Lightspeed” technology offers impressively low quiescence for a wireless mouse, it has an excellent battery life, and it’s clearly small enough for us to recommendhere.However, the G305 is a strong choice, If you ’re looking for a small gaming mouse with wireless connectivity.

Logitech claims a 250-hour battery life for the G305 on a single AA battery. Not having any battery- draining RGB LEDs helps then, of course. But so does Logitech’s Idol detector, which apparently “ offers up to 10 times the power effectiveness” compared to Logitech’s former- generation mouse detector.

There’s also an “ Abidance” mode accessible through Logitech G HUB that can stretch a battery out indeed longer. They claim “ up to 9 months of typical use” which is relatively ridiculous. The G305 Lightspeed might be the perfect wireless mouse for anyone who keeps forgetting to change batteries in their wireless mice.

Overall, it’s hard to deny the appeal of the G305 Lightspeed if you ’re looking for a wireless mouse to suit your lower hands. Battery life is excellent, the detector is proven, and the price point is hard to beat. You ’re suitable to choose from four colors black, blue, lilac, and white.


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Weight 61 grams (2.15 oz)
Confines (L x W x H)4.66 x2.11 x1.51 elevation
Sensor PixArt PMW3359
DPI Range 400-
. Polling Rate Hz
. Buttons Six
Shape Symmetrical
Looked at the full-sized Razer Serpent 8KHz on our list of the stylish ultralight mice but felt it was a bit too big for you? Razer’s got you covered with the Razer Serpent Mini.

The Mini retains utmost of the mouse features of its bigger family, including Razer’s advanced optic detector. According to the company, its switches are “ three times faster than traditional mechanical switches” and have a lifetime of 70 million clicks.
The design of the Serpent Mini echoes the full-sized Serpent, down to the symmetrical shape. Still, unlike the larger interpretation, Razer has decided to only include the left- side thumb buttons on the Mini. This means that despite having an excellent ambidextrous shape, left-handers will have to look away.
The Serpent Mini sports Razer’s high- quality Speedflex string. The Speedflex string is a braided, flexible string that stays out of the way of your movement and reduces string drag significantly compared to old- academy rubber cords.

Add to that the 61-gram weight, 100 PTFE mouse bases, and high- quality PixArt PMW 3359 detector, and you get one of the stylish FPS mice for small hands you can buy rightnow.However, this is it, If you want an ultralight gaming mouse without a honeycomb shell.


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Weight 58 grams (2.05 oz)
Confines (L x W x H)4.72 x2.48 x1.42 elevation
Sensor Pixart PMW3360
DPI Range 400-
. Polling Rate Hz
. Buttons Six
Shape Symmetrical
Still, the Noble Model O-is the option for you, If you ’re looking for the lightest gaming mouse that’s readily available on Amazon. This is the slightly lower interpretation of the well- entered Model O, with a 9-gram weight reduction to match the lower size.

The Noble Model O-carries over the honeycomb design and PixArt PMW3360 detector of the ModelO. Honeycomb shells can be divisive, but we ’ve grown to like them over the once many times. Either, the weight reduction and performance benefits are worth it.
It also would n’t be a Noble mouse without the company’s “ Mounted” string. While utmost manufacturers now have their own take on a soft pleated string, we feel that Noble’ cord is still one of the stylish bones you can get on a featherlight mouse moment.
Noble also gets points for its fairly invisible software. While you have to use the software to set the RGB lighting and DPI way, the gaming mouse has onboard memory that retains your settings. You wo n’t have to keep the Noble software running in the background, which is welcome.

Overall, the Noble Model O-is one of the stylish gaming mice for small hands out there rightnow.However, you ca n’t go wrong with this (or the Razer Serpent Mini), If you want a featherlight option for film shots and bettered end.

The Noble Model O-is available in black and white, in both matte and lustrous homestretches.


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Weight 90 grams (3.2 oz)
Confines (L x W x H)4.70 x2.40 x1.60 elevation
Detector Pixart PMW3360
DPI Range 400-1600
Polling Rate Hz
. Buttons Five
Shape Asymmetrical
Still, you should look into the BenQ Zowie EC2, If you ’re right-handed and prioritize comfort. The EC2 has an asymmetrical ergonomic design that “ leans” to the right, making it a right-handed only mouse. This results in an incredibly comfortable grip that sits in your hand impeccably.

The EC2 has also been designed specifically for esports. The DPI and report rate can both be acclimated on the mouse itself, so there’s no need to swindle with software or motorists to fine- tune the experience. This makes the EC2 a draw-and- play result that can be set up impeccably anyhow of the computer you plug it into.

On the whole, however, there’s not that much to say about the Zowie EC2. This is n’t a bad thing rather, it’s substantiation that Zowie concentrated on getting the core experience right without important in the way of frills or fancy mouse features that get in the way of gaming.
That said, it’s not perfect the rubber- carpeted string is old-fashioned, and theanti-slip coating is surely a love/ hate affair. You also ca n’t reprogram any of the buttons on the EC2, making it arguably less protean than some of the competition.

But the Zowie EC2 has it where it counts an excellent, tried-and- tested shape with a class- leading Pixart 3360 detector. It’s not the most instigative mouse on our list, but serious gamers looking for a top- notch small gaming mouse would do well to check out the Zowie EC2.


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Weight 92 grams (3.25 oz)
Confines (L x W x H)4.94 x2.70 x1.54 elevation
Sensor TrueMove Pro
DPI Range 50-
. Polling Rate Hz
. Buttons Eight
Shape Symmetrical
Shopping for small left-handed mice with the right thumb buttons can be a pain. Thankfully, SteelSeries’Sensei Ten fits the bill with its truly ambidextrous design and is one of the stylish gaming mice you can get in this form factor anyhow of which hand you use.

Like the Zowie EC2, the Sensei Ten is a no- frills gaming mouse that focuses on good shape, solid figure quality, and a top- league detector. The only real concession to aesthetics is the fairly tasteful LED-lit SteelSeries totem on the body.
DPI-obsessed druggies will have a field day with the Sensei Ten, as the TrueMove Pro detector (co-developed with PixArt) allows DPI settings from 50 all the way up to. Beyond the wide DPI range, the TrueMove Pro also sports a cock tracking point that maintains perfect delicacy indeed if you end up tipping the mouse during an violent attack.
Still, there’s no denying that the Sensei Ten is a bit old-fashioned. Compared to the new crop of featherlight gaming mice, it’s fairly heavy at 92 grams. The stiff rubber string is also prone to kinking and is n’t as nice as the braided immolations you tend to get now.

Neither of these makes the Sensei Ten unworkable by any means. We wish SteelSeries would upgrade to a pleated or paracord string, especially for the$ 60-ish price. Still, the string issue is n’t anything a mouse bungee ca n’t help you with.

Despite its excrescencies, the Sensei Ten is a good addition to the fabled Sensei range of mice. The detector and shape are as good as ever, and left-handed gamers looking for a small gaming mouse should start then first.


Plant a gaming mouse that’s perfect for you? Great! But before you rush off to buy it, we suppose you should take some time to read through this coming section. It ’ll come in handy in the future if your requirements change or our picks come outdated.


Length and grip range measures on computer mice vary, indeed amongst bones designed for druggies with small hands. While the mice on our list should work OK for utmost small-handed druggies, there’s one decent rule of thumb to stick to if you want to get the most optimal mouse for your hands.

Immaculately, you want a mouse that’s around 60 of your hand’s length andwidth.However, snare a vid measure and follow on, If you ’ve noway measured your hands ahead.
To get your hand length, measure the distance from your wrist to the tip of your longest cutlet.

These are the considerable items as the best small gaming mouse.