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Best White Gaming Headset

When you are looking for the best white gaming headset then read our article to take decissions. 

Pro gamers around the world are jilting the traditional darker multicolored headsets and upgrading to the stylish white gaming headsets they can get their hands on. The combination of satiny style and game changing performance is sure to carry the white gaming headset trend well into the future and come a must have for gamers across the globe.

While the beautiful white shade might be enough to attract attention, you ’ll need much further than just good looks to take down the competition. Let’s take a peak at the stylish looking and stylish performing white gaming headsets and see who comes out on top in 2021.

Here is the best white gaming headset list given bellow: 

1. Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless


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Frequence Response 20 –40.000 Hz| Impedance 32 Ohms@2.5 kHz| Connection Type3.5 mm, USB, Wireless| Motorists 50 mm| Weight 360g| Battery Life Up to 20 hours

Beautiful design
Excellent figure quality
Superb audio quality
Clear microphone
Super comfortable

No bluetooth connection
Advanced price
Our Standing9.8/ 10

Comfortable, customizable, and crisp, the Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless offers everything you could hope for in a gaming headset. The each-white design of this headset is featured with a customizable RGB freebooter totem that provides just the right quantum of personality while still pressing the clean and crisp look.

Made from machined aluminum and memory froth, the Virtuoso headset is featherlight and durable meaning that you can wear them all day and not feel a thing. The indirect earcups and malleable headband conform to the shape of your head and fit tightly enough to block out ambient noise, but not too tight as to be uncomfortable.

When it comes to sound quality, you wo n’t be dissatisfied. The high- viscosity speaker motorists give excellent7.1 compass sound, which is one of the stylish in the business. Brace the headphones with the Corsair iCUE software and you’ll be suitable to not only customize your RGB lighting goods but produce a substantiated audio profile. Elect frompre-tuned options or fine tune your equalizer, the Virtuoso headset allows you to hear still you want.

Harkening is only part of the experience when it comes to a gaming headset, and when playing online communication is crucial. The Virtuoso features an omni-directional divisible microphone with a erected-in LED mute index. Strong enough to give an accurate and natural sound, this mic not only sounds clear, but the LED index means you wo n’t ever have to wonder if your team can hear you or not.

Occasionally you might want to use your headset for further than just PC gaming, and Corsair has handed that capability with the Virtuoso RGB headset.

Supporting wireless connection, USB connection and a traditional3.5 mm headphone jack, this headset can fluently transition from PC to press and indeed to mobile bias allowing you to have excellent sound quality no matter what you’re doing. Although, keep in mind that compass sound is only available on PC.

Overall, the Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless is an excellent option when it comes to high end gaming headsets. With excellent sound quality, protean connectivity, beautiful design, and top of the line comfort, this headset checks all the boxes.

It does come in at steeper price point, and unfortunately there’s no devoted power button on the headset itself. Still, if you’re in the request for a top-of-the- line white gaming headset in terms of audio quality, comfort and style, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better.

2. ASUS ROG Delta White Edition


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Frequence Response 20 –40.000 Hz| Impedance 32 Ohms| Connection Type USB2.0, USB type-C| Motorists 50 mm| Weight 387g

Beautiful design
Impeccable Figure quality
Top-of-the- line audio quality
Great microphone
Comfortable earcups
Good sound insulation

Advanced price
Fixed microphone
Headband could use redundant padding
Our Standing9.7/ 10
ASUS ROG products are known for having gamers in mind and the Delta White Edition headset is no exception. While it isn’t perfect, this headset provides nearly true- life audio, great customization options, and connection for nearly any gaming platform you might be playing on.

With instruments from teamspeak, Discord, and an array of awards the audio quality in this headset is assiduity leading. With four high grade DACs powering the ROG Delta you can anticipate clear sound across the entire diapason. Furnishing an emotional range and point delicacy this headset will allow you to hear everything going on in whatever game you’re playing.
The top-of-the- line divisible microphone features a flexible design and mute/ live LED index so you do n’t have to guess if your musketeers can hear you or not. Its unidirectional design means that it’ll easily pick up your voice and sludge out any background noise. When it comes to sound quality, there are many challengers to the ASUS ROG Delta.

Designed to give a comfortable and customizable experience, this headset features two options for earcups and an RGB LEDs with over 16 million colors and a variety of lighting goods and patterns.
The D- shaped observance mugs are erected to emulate the natural shape of your cognizance and the speakers are angled to stylish get sound to you. With a thicker mongrel fabric earcup for longer gaming sessions and a thinner and softer leather earcup that’s better for on the go or shorter sessions, you have the option to make this headset work for you in every situation.

The ASUS ROG Delta White Edition is an excellent option in gaming headsets, but it isn’t perfect. The USB-C connector and USB-A appendage means that it’s compatible with a variety of platforms including consoles and mobile bias.
Still, the fixed USB wired connection means that you do n’t have the option for a wireless experience or the occasion to connect via3.5 mm jack. Also, while earpieces are designed for long term comfort, the headband seems to have been overlooked and can get a little uncomfortable after a while.

Overall, the ASUS ROG Delta White Edition has a lot to offer. Featuring nearly unexampled audio quality that lets you feel like you’re in the game and doing so at a fair price point, if you’re looking for solely a gaming headset also you do n’t have to look much further. With some comfort issues and being confined to a banded experience these headphones aren’t perfect, but the quality and inconceivable audio experience further than make up for that.

3. SteelSeries Arctis 7

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Frequence Response 20 –20.000 Hz| Impedance 32 Ohms| Motorists 40 mm| Battery Life 24 hours| Connection Type3.5 mm (4-pole)| Weight 375g

Super comfortable
Excellent figure quality
Great audio quality
Clear microphone for mulitplayer
Good sound insulation
Long battery life
Advanced price
Less important bass
Our Standing9.6/ 10
The SteelSeries Arctis 7 can be added up in 2 words, “ gemstone solid”.

From sound quality to versatility to comfortability, the Arctis 7 performs consequently in just about every area you could want in a gaming headset.
The Arctis 7 is satiny and elegant, with a streamlined and kindly minimalist appearance and a reliable malleable headband. You simply acclimate two Velcro strips, and the incredibly comfortable headband will conform to your head shape.

With such an understated design, you can fluently use this unit for day to day wear on the shelter or at work. Like utmost gaming headsets, its larger than an average brace of headphones, but it can still be tossed on a pack or spa bag for use outside of your gaming setup.
The right observance mug is home to the power button and converse volume slider. Also, there’s a regular volume slider on the left observance mug, along with a micro USB harborage for charging and a personal harborage that connects to a3.5 mm audio jack for mobile listening. Although the Arctis 7 requires power for wireless and compass-sound, you can use the audio jack with no power at all.

With both stereo and DTS7.1 compass sound, as well as a plethora of equalization options, you can get a ton of different configurations from the headset. Fortunately, setting up game biographies is enough simple, which gives you the capability to have unique audio settings for just about each and every game you play.
The Arctis 7 utilizes SteelSeries Engine 3 software, an intuitive program that keeps tabs on just about every ultramodern SteelSeries supplemental. In addition to creating sound biographies, you can also acclimate mic options. Else, the program does n’t offer too numerous bells and hisses for this particular supplemental as it does n’t have RGB lighting.

You can hook up the Arctis 7 to a PS4 or Xbox One by simply plugging the audio jack into a regulator (the PS4 also works wirelessly with the USB dongle). Although you wo n’t have the compass-sound options, the unit still provides solid audio, and the mic is excellent for competitive multiplayer matches.
Overall, the Arctis 7 leaves no gravestone unturned when it comes to quality and performance. Some may not appreciate the lack of RGB or the understated design, but to others this is a plus and allows the Arctic 7 to be used in common settings.

It’s a perfect choice for anyone looking for an eSports rated headset with simplistic appeal.

4. Logitech G733 Lightspeed Wireless

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Frequence Response 20Hz
20000Hz| Impedance 39 Ohm| Motorists 40 mm| Connection Type Wireless via USB| Battery Life Up to 29 Hours| Weight 278g

High quality figure
Seductive aesthetics
Great compass sound
Stable wireless connection
Super comfortable
Excelent audio quality

Lacks in connectivity
Not sound cancelling
Our Standing9.5/ 10

High quality with a lot of personality, this headset provides excellent gaming sound quality while showing off with plenitude of RGB goods and customizableparts.However, also this is the headset for you, If you’re looking for a headset that not only works great but looks great.

The Logitech G733 Lightspeed Wireless may not have the versatility of some of the other headsets on this list when it comes to connectivity, but it provides a great gaming experience and lots of personality for a respectable price point.

This featherlight design has blockish earpieces with memory froth to comfortably fit over your cognizance so you can put the long hours into your game. The reversable suspense swatch sits readily on your head and is designed for optimum weight distribution so you wo n’t notice the formerly incredibly featherlight headphones which weigh just 278 grams.

With a crisp white shell, there’s plenitude of occasion to show off your style with the G733 Headset. Two frontal facing RGB displays offer a customizable lighting experience and Logitech has a wide variety of multicolored head strips and mic covers to add an redundant pop.

Boasting7.1 compass sound and a professional quality attached microphone, the G733 Lightspeed headset ensures that you’re getting high- dedication sound from your game and broadcasting clear dulcet tones to your platoon.

You also get access to the BLUEVO!CE pollutants and the G Mecca software to fine tune your sound profile. The Disharmony certified audio on this system is similar to headsets that bring doubly as important. The G733 provides excellent quality sound in a veritably delightful package.

One of the name factors for this headset is the battery life. Furnishing up to 29 hours of wireless audio bliss, you can game to your hearts content without having to worry about taking a break to recharge. Also, the USB wireless receiver provides a 20- bottom range and harmonious connection, so you do n’t have to worry about breaking up if you have to step down for a moment.

With a ton of personality and a solid price point the Logitech G733 Lightspeed Wireless headset is a great option for any gamer, especially if you want to show off while streaming. With wireless connection, comfortable fit and high quality audio both in event and broadcasting, the G733 should be high on your list in 2021.

5. Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum

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Frequence Response 20 –20.000 Hz| Impedance 39 Ohms ( unresistant), 5k Ohms ( active)| Motorists 40 mm| Battery Life 8-10 hours| Connection Type USB, Wireless,3.5 mm| Weight 374g

Great audio quality
Seductive aesthetics
Plenitude of connectivity
High quality figure


Premium price
Short battery life
Our Standing 9.4/ 10

In the fight for headset gaming supremacy, Logitech has put together a heavyweight contender that packs a whole lotta punch.

The Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum provides excellent sound, futuristic design and unequaled versatility. Thanks to a combination of a wireless USB receiver and a selection of wired connection options you can connect it to your PC, mobile device, or nearly any game system fluently.

The earcups and headband are a gorgeous black plastic, with froth padding on the cognizance and under the headband. The earpads are blockish, and the tails of the earcups are shaped like uneven pentagons to produce anultra-modern aesthetic.

The right earcup houses all of the controls and connections, including Mic Mute, Power, and three programmable G buttons, along with a volume wheel, a micro USB harborage, and a3.5 mm aux harborage. A high- quality flip down mic sits at the frontal edge of the left mug and sits impeccably against the side of the mug when not in use. The panels on the reverse of each earcup are magnetically attached and can be removed to display beautiful RGB lights that accentuate each panel’s translucent G totem.

The G933 features7.1- channel Dolby and DTS compass sound, and the channels are collectively malleable through Logitech’s G app when the headset is connected to a PC. The quantum of audio customization through the app is relatively emotional and can be fine-tuned grounded on the game you ’re playing.

Logitech’s G933 comes with a plethora of lines and appendages, giving it a world of connectivity options for both PCs and game consoles (though you can only acclimate the customizable lighting with a PC). The wireless USB receiver can work with a PC or PS5 directly. There’s also a3.5 mm audio input designed for use with the RCA string for accepting audio from the stereo RCA affair of a Xbox 360, PlayStation 3.

The G933 gets high marks in each and every order, making it one of the stylish white gaming headsets on the request moment. The shorter battery life and advanced price are surely a strike, but besides that, there’s a lot to like about this headset.

You can consider all of these headsets as the best white gaming headset for buy.