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Why Your Next Keyboard Should Be Fully Split – Review Geek


If you’re like many individuals on this planet, you spend not less than a part of each day typing on a keyboard. Chances are, you employ no matter low cost keyboard you bought on sale, and it’s the traditional single strip QWERTY structure affair. But I’m right here to say: it’s time to modify to a completely cut up keyboard.

We’ve talked rather a lot about ergonomic keyboards up to now. While a cut up format keyboard is one aspect of ergonomics, I’m not essentially advocating for a completely ergonomic setup, nor does each ergonomic keyboard have a completely cut up kind issue.

If you’re unfamiliar with “absolutely cut up” keyboards, image the typical keyboard: then minimize it in half vertically and unfold the 2 items aside. Usually, a wire connects the halves, nevertheless it’s that disconnect that makes a completely cut up keyboard. You may even purchase a completely cut up keyboard that, aside from the cut up, seems identical to the keyboard you in all probability use now. This means you gained’t have to regulate your typing methods (save for unhealthy habits like hitting T along with your proper index finger).

But if you happen to haven’t ever used one but, it’s best to give it a attempt. You’ll rapidly discover that absolutely cut up keyboards are extra comfy, will match extra freely in your desk, and assist you to reclaim unused house.

A More Comfortable Keyboard

A black and white traditional mechanical keyboard
James Dushay

Most keyboards have adopted the identical primary form for many years (if not longer)—a primary rectangle with all of the keyboards mushed collectively. And if you happen to’ve taken typing courses (or taught your self), chances are high you usually preserve your arms collectively on the house keys, left index finger on the F, and proper on the J. The drawback with this form is that you simply’re primarily hunching your shoulders inward by forcing your arms collectively.

But that’s not how your physique is constructed to carry your arms. Think about once you deliver groceries within the residence, and also you (if you happen to’re like me) attempt to muscle in each bag in a single journey. Do you hunch your shoulders inward and attempt to carry all the baggage along with your two arms collectively? No, it doesn’t really feel pure. You in all probability preserve your arms unfold about shoulder-width aside. The fantastic thing about a completely cut up keyboard is which you can additionally use that extra pure place. Just unfold the 2 halves shoulder-width aside.

And in case your workplace chair has arms (it in all probability ought to!), the 2 will work collectively to help that consolation. You can place your elbows on the arms of your chair and attain out from there to your keyboard. Then you gained’t need to go full-strength arm carry the whole time you’re typing. But having your keyboards at ought to width aside isn’t the place the consolation ends.

Let’s attempt an experiment. Hold your arms out in entrance of you as if you’re typing on a conventional keyboard or laptop computer. Of course, you’ll need your palms down, and your thumbs ought to virtually be touching. Keep your arms in the identical “typing” place, unfold them till they’re about shoulder-width aside—think about there’s a ebook overlaying the keys between your arms. You can in all probability already really feel that this place is extra comfy than holding your arms nearer collectively.

But we’re not completed but: whereas conserving your palms right down to “sort,” flip your arms inwards in the direction of one another in order that your thumbs and index fingers might kind a triangle (in the event that they weren’t shoulder size aside). Now flip your arms the other away, so your index fingers and thumbs kind a “W” form. Which was most comfy? Fingers straight out, curved in the direction of one another, or turned away from one another?

Most folks studying it will discover the second place most comfy, whereas some will declare the primary place is right, and some nonetheless will discover the third possibility the very best. The fantastic thing about the absolutely cut up keyboard is that irrespective of which place is greatest for you, you’ll be able to prepare your keyboard that method. Just tilt the halves to what’s most comfy for you. A standard keyboard provides you one possibility, and it’s in all probability not supreme. Choice is (virtually) at all times higher.

A Fully Split Keyboard Will Fit Your Desk Better

A laptop running an Xbox game

It could sound counterintuitive, however a completely cut up keyboard will suit your desk higher. That’s as a result of you have got extra alternative on methods to place your keyboard. And in some circumstances, they take up much less room than different choices.

You realistically have one possibility relating to your conventional rectangle keyboard. Smack dab in the course of your desk, and all the things else has to go round it. If you don’t have a lot desk house to work with, the keyboard would be the solely factor that matches. It is what it’s.

And partially cut up keyboards, like many ergonomic choices immediately, are worse for that drawback. Because they preserve the 2 halves as one unit, they take up much more room than a conventional keyboard does, typically each in size and width. Add in any curvature to tilt your arms, and all of a sudden that ergonomic keyboard is a hulking monster taking over half your desk.

But with a completely cut up keyboard, you’ll be able to place the 2 halves wherever you discover most handy and comfy. We’ve talked about shoulder-width placement, however you don’t need to go together with something actual. As lengthy as you’re spreading your arms aside, you’re higher off than a conventional keyboard.

And absolutely cut up keyboards don’t need to be any bigger than the standard keyboard counterpart once you put them collectively. So not like the partial cut up keyboard, they aren’t outsized, and in contrast to conventional keyboards, you aren’t restricted to at least one possibility. What makes essentially the most sense to your structure? You can in all probability make that occur. And better of all, you get to reclaim some house.

Reclaim Unused Space

A Moonlander keyboard with a bullet journal between the halves
Josh Hendrickson

Now that you simply’ve cut up your keyboard aside, you’re going to note one thing. You have a giant empty house between the 2 halves! That’s not an issue; it’s a profit to separate keyboards. With a conventional keyboard, all that house is taken by the keys, and there’s nothing else you are able to do with it.

The similar goes for a partial cut up ergonomic keyboard, besides that, as I discussed above, it takes much more house. Think about how that forces you to arrange your desk for a second. You in all probability preserve your mouse off to the aspect of your keyboard. Why? Because that’s the one place it could possibly go.

Do you have got a second display, microphone, pocket book, or anything like that in your desk? Chances are, these are principally out of attain or not less than on the far corners of your desk as a result of that’s the place you have got the room to retailer them. The similar factor goes for espresso mugs, headphones, and anything it’s good to preserve in your desk.

But with a completely cut up keyboard, you don’t need to preserve all the things far-off. Depending on how far aside you unfold aside your two halves, you now have house proper in entrance of you for important gadgets you in any other case need to preserve farther away. You might transfer your mouse between your keyboard, which is extra ergonomic (however admittedly much less handy). If you have got a indifferent numpad, it is going to additionally match between your keyboard.

But my desire is my bullet journal, the place I preserve a working to-do checklist going all through my day. Other choices might be your espresso mug, a gaming controller, telephone, and even your pill. You in all probability shouldn’t eat at your desk, however I gained’t inform if you happen to retailer your snacks between your keyboard. Better than on it!

What Fully Split Keyboard Should You Get

Ok, you’re able to make the swap. The drawback is absolutely cut up keyboards are one way or the other each numerous and few in choices. Which one is greatest? And what if you happen to aren’t completely certain you’ll stick to the format. The excellent news is, there are a couple of nice choices relying in your wants. You can get a extra reasonably priced,  “conventional wanting” cut up keyboard or an costly “super-customizable” possibility.

A Traditional Looking Fully Split Keyboard

If you don’t need to dive into the deep finish of customization and ergonomics, Kineses makes a fully split keyboard that appears virtually precisely like a conventional keyboard. Just cut up in half and linked by a wire. It makes use of membrane-style keys and gained’t require an excessive amount of drive to push. And you’ll be able to separate the 2 halves as a lot as 9 inches aside.

You might put the 2 halves collectively and primarily get a conventional keyboard out of the field. Then unfold them aside slowly to adapt to the brand new structure. It gained’t take lengthy, although, since all of the keys shall be proper the place you used to having them beneath your fingers. And Kineses even sells tenting kits to get a extra ergonomic really feel you’ll be able to add after the very fact. To be honest, it’s not the most cost effective keyboard in existence, nevertheless it’s one of the reasonably priced absolutely cut up choices.

A standard model cut up keyboard

KINESIS Freestyle2

The KINESIS Freestyle2 is a superb keyboard once you need one thing that absolutely splits, however does not require relearning to sort.

A Fully Customizable Fully Split Keyboard

On the opposite hand, if you would like a keyboard which you can customise to your each want and whim, the Moonlander is the one for you. At first look, it does appear like an extremely odd keyboard, and also you may need huge questions like, “the place is the backspace and enter key?”

But if you happen to keep it up, “relearn to sort,” and customise its positions, you’ll discover it one of the comfy and highly effective keyboards accessible immediately. I do know as a result of I’ve been utilizing one for practically seven months, and it’s the one keyboard I need to use. It instructions a excessive worth, however as I stated in my assessment, it earns that worth.